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Diet plays a crucial role in our lives and people belonging to different age group should consume some nutrients in more quantity than others.

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Here are the top five things to include in your diet in your 20s and 30s:

1. People in their 20s:

- The metabolism rate of people is highest when they are in their 20s, hence they can eat a lot and get away with it.

- One should consume more of whole-grains, fruits, vegetables, pulses and eggs, according to nutritionist Cassandra Barns.

- B vitamins are important as they play a role in maintaining cell metabolism, hence one should eat more of whole foods.

- Barns also suggests taking vitamin B supplements to get proper nourishment.

- Spotty skin at this age is a symptom of lack of zinc. Eating zinc-rich foods like chickpeas, oysters, sesame seeds and pumpkin is recommended along with good quality red meat.

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2. People in their 30s

- People who are planning to conceive in their 30s need to enhance their fertility, so they should maintain a healthy lifestyle.

- Both men and women need to focus on their diet and habits. They should stop smoking and drinking. Don't forget that sperm plays a major role in the entire process

- Minus junk food from your diet and eat healthy.

- One should try staying stress-free and eat protein-rich foods and whole foods such as tubers, whole grains, legumes, fruits and veggies.

- Have as many coloured vegetables as you can. This would provide you with your dose of antioxidants and they also have anti-ageing properties. It will help in keeping your skin healthy and young while keeping wrinkles at bay.