Facebook to Charge $1 to Send Messages to Inbox

The social networking website Facebook, now a public company, is looking at more avenues to earn revenue with a billion plus active Facebook users. In order to maintain their user’s trust and gain more users in to its fold, Facebook intends to strengthen the security of the network so that the users’ privacy is secured within their group or community. Dec 21, 2012

HTC’s Windows RT Tablet to Challenge Apple’s Hold on Tablet PC Market

Microsoft’s plan of promoting the Windows RT OS as the third major platform looks far fetched for now. The Redmond company have to reach out to more OEM clients to push Windows OS for their tablets. But there is some hope for Microsoft because according to a market research firm IDC, Windows OS is expected to reach 10.3 percent share in the tablet operating system market by 2016. Dec 21, 2012

Apple iPad-5 to be Released in March 2013

Christmas holiday season is already in its last week, now the speculation of fifth generation iPad’s March debut is expected to make all those iPad-4 owners unhappy to learn that their brand new iPad will be outdated in three months' time. Dec 24, 2012

Hyundai Eyes NFC Based Smartphone Technology To Replace Car Keys

The technology is currently being tested in Hyundai’s popular i-series range of family cars, i30 and the company intends to improvise the reversing cameras and lane departure alert system with similar technology. The South Korean car maker is planning to apply this technology in other models brought out by the company as early as 2015. Dec 25, 2012