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 After launching her very first single in the international market, Indian artist, Anusha Dandekar, took another task that would make her countrymen proud.

She now competes as the lone woman challenger in Intel's Ultrabook Race, which would further highlight her well-rounded personality and finesse in times of dread.

Her regular hosting stint at MTV House of Fashion has prepared Anusha for yet another array of daunting tasks awaiting her at the Intel Ultrabook Race.

Co-competitors in the race describe her as the bubbly, friendly and resourceful Anusha, which could really help her in getting clues and getting through the hurdles of the Ultrabook Race.

Anusha (@vjanusha on Twitter) reveals that the race takes on more than just cunning and skill but social network influence as well. With the help of her Intel Ultrabook, Anusha could be helped by followers via Twitter.

Anusha competes with other personalities Indonesia's Daniel Mananta (@vjdaniel on Twitter), American Mark Watson (@SoldierKnowBest on Twitter) and Brazil's Leon Martins (@CdnLeon on Twitter).

Aided with the sleek and multi-functional Intel Ultrabook, Anusha had so far graced through the streets of Moscow with confidence and ease. She danced a Russian polka while getting instructions from friends and followers on her Twitter account.

She notes that staying connected in the Internet Social Network space had been made easy by the Intel Ultrabook anywhere, any time.

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