Politicos react as Akhilesh Yadav gets luxury cars, but cuts budget for women's panel

New Delhi, July 16 (ANI): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is in centre of controversy all over again after a Right to Information (RTI) query revealed the state government has constantly slashed its budget allocation to the state women's commission but has enough funds to purchase two Mercedes cars and two Land Cruisers. Reacting over the same, leaders from various political parties slammed the budget. Jul 16, 2014

PM Narendra Modi at BRICS Summit

Brazil, July 16 (ANI): Addressing the BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched for "zero tolerance" against terrorism and said the "choices" they make now will shape the future of the world at large. He said that coming from the land where idea of the 'whole world being one family' is rooted in our ethos- Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, he advocates global unity in combating major challenges. PM Modi also talked about many other reform policies for the development of BRICS nations and world at large. Jul 16, 2014

Israel resumes airstrikes as ceasefire fails

Kolkata/ Srinagar/ Gaza, July 16 (ANI): Israel resumed airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, six hours after agreeing to an Egyptian-proposed truce that failed to halt Hamas rocket attacks. For the first time in more than a week of fighting, an Israeli civilian was killed by a rocket fired from the Gaza strip. Hamas has claimed responsibility for launching the short-range rocket. The Israeli military says around 80 rockets have been fired at Israel since the Hamas armed wing rejected a ceasefire just hours ago. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that they'll intensify their offensive. The continuous killings have claimed more than 200 lives in the ongoing offensive. Meanwhile, Muslims across India staged a massive protest against the killing of innocent Palestine Muslims by the Israel military forces in Gaza. Members of Human Rights Protection Association (HRPA) organised a protest in front of Gandhi statue in Kolkata against the Gaza assault. In Kashmir, hundreds of slogan-shouting students from various educational institutions staged a protest in summer capital, Srinagar, to express solidarity. Jul 16, 2014

Tibet NGO prompts BRICS leaders to discuss Tibet-China issues

Dharamsala, July 16 (ANI): A group of Tibetan non-governmental organization, the International Tibet Support Network (ITSN) in Dharamsala prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BRICS leaders to discuss the Tibetan issue with Chinese President Xi Jinping. On the sidelines of BRICS summit at Fortaleza in Brazil, Modi met Xi on Tuesday, as they discussed the unresolved border issue and highlighted the need to address the trade deficit. The sixth summit of the BRICS, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, will be held in Brazil till July 16. Spokesperson of ITSN, Lobsang Tseten, said their primary aim is to urge the leaders and seek their help to resolve the ongoing crisis in Tibet. China has ruled Tibet since 1950, when Communist troops marched in and announced its "peaceful liberation". Tibetans feel their intensely Buddhist culture is at risk of annihilation by Beijing's political and economic domination and the migration of majority Han Chinese into the Himalayan region. Jul 16, 2014

Transgender groups meet to discuss 'third gender' tag on community

Kolkata, July 16 (ANI): Transgender groups in Kolkata held a state level consultative meet to discuss if the tag 'third gender' is acceptable to them or not, and various other issues. The meet, 'Rehabilitation and Welfare of Transgender Community', was chaired by state Social Welfare Minister, Shashi Panja and social activist, Anupam Hazra. Nearly 40 transgender groups and committees attended the meeting and voiced out their feedbacks regarding the Supreme Court ruling for their rights. Gays continue to face a social stigma in India, where hugging and kissing in public, even among heterosexual couples, is strongly frowned upon. Section 377 of Indian Penal Code banned 'sex against the order of nature', and is widely interpreted to mean homosexuality in India and the person committing the Act can be punished with up to 10 years in jail. Jul 16, 2014

Ardent fan in Assam digs out 20- year old whisky bottle on Germany's win in FIFA World Cup

Karbi Anglong, Assam, July 16 (ANI): A delighted northeastern Indian soccer fan dug out his twenty- year- old 'Passport Scotch' whisky bottle to celebrate the victory of Germany in the FIFA World Cup. Putul Bora, 53, had bought this Passport Scotch bottle in 1994 worth rupees 630 from Kolkata. In the same year, he buried the imported Scottish whisky below the ground near his house. He vowed to unearth and unseal the bottle only when Germany, his favourite team, won the soccer finals. Bora had abstained from liquor after Germany lost in 2002. He had vowed that he would only resume drinking whenever his favourite team, Germany, bags the prestigious trophy. Digging out the whisky bottle was a delicate operation as the ground diggers had to be very careful in order to avoid breaking the glass bottle. Jul 16, 2014

Doctors keen to introduce latest health facilities for infants as death toll in Malda rises to 20

Malda, West Bengal, July 16 (ANI): Doctors in Malda district of West Bengal seriously pondered over the issue of introducing modern health care facilities, as with three more succumbing, the infants death toll rose to 20 in the past 96 hours. The gloomy chapter started on Saturday afternoon when seven infants lost their lives before celebrating their first birthday. One of the bereaved mothers, Bandana Mandal talked about her misery. Doctors state that the cause of the deaths is infants born underweight and asphyxia. Talking over the incident, Vice Principal, Malda Medical College and Hospital, MK Rasid, said that they were pondering over taking quick steps to introduce a new infant ward equipped with the latest health care facilities. Meanwhile, a medical training camp for the hospital staff has been organised in the hospital to save the infants. It is reported that within this year, 39 infants died earlier due to the same cause. Jul 16, 2014

BRICS Summit clears setting up of $100 billion New Development Bank with India's presidency first

Brazil, July 16 (ANI): Leaders of the five BRICS countries met for the first working session in Brazil in a major victory for India, sealed the agreement on the much anticipated 100 billion dollars BRICS Development Bank. The new development bank of the group of BRICS countries will be headquartered in Shanghai, China, with the presidency initially held by India. The deal was reached after intense last-minute negotiations to settle a dispute between India and China over the headquarters of the new bank, which will have initial capital of $100 billion to invest in infrastructure projects. Negotiations to create the bank dragged on for more than two years as Brazil and India fought China's attempts to get a bigger share in the lender than the others. The stark economic and political differences between the BRICS countries have made it difficult for the group to turn rhetoric to concrete action in coordinating policies. Jul 16, 2014

Shakti Mill gangrape case: JJB convicts two minors, sends them to correction homes

Mumbai, July 16 (ANI): The juvenile justice board (JJB) convicted two minors for the gang rape of a photojournalist and a telephone operator in Mumbai and sent them to a reform centre for three years. Both the gang rapes took place inside Shakti Mills compound which is abandoned textile mill. Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam, confirmed the judgment of the Juvenile Justice Board in Mumbai. Three other accused, Vijay Jadhav, Kasim Bengali and Mohammed Salim Ansari, were sentenced to death on April 04 this year for the two gang-rapes in Mumbai. Jul 16, 2014