The Karnataka Police, tracing two Bhatkal girls who went missing from a local Madrasa this month, have revealed that the two minors ran away to Goa as one of them was being raped by her father and uncle.

The police on Sunday arrested the father and his brother-in-law based on the statement by the minor, reported News9.

The girl told the police she had escaped to Goa with her friend, another minor and her classmate, as she was being sexually abused and raped constantly by her father and uncle.

The two girls went missing on 18 November from a local Madrasa in Tenginagundi, sparking tension in the coastal town of Bhatkal.

The girls' disappearance soon sparked major tension in the area after the local Madrasa Secretary Hafeez Abdul Khader filed a police complaint on 23 Novermber saying the minors had been kidnapped by people known to them.

According to a report in ShahilOnline, the issue sparked anger in the community as mere days before the disappearance of the two girls, another girl from the same Madrasa was kidnapped and raped. The police had subsequently arrested a 35-year-old man from the Madrasa for the crimes.

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