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Soccer fan in Kerala names his house on favourite soccer team 'Brazil'

Kerala, June 18 (ANI): An ardent follower of FIFA World Cup rebuilt his house in Thrissur district of Kerala and named it after his favourite soccer team 'Brazil'. Shaji, who has named his house 'Brazil Niwas' (Brazil Residence), decided to renovate it two years back and has painted it in colours of Brazil soccer team. Several household items, even toys, have Brazil's national flag painted on them. Shaji collected items like cap, jersey, horn and slippers, which helped him to nurture his passion towards sport and also the team. Shaji's passion for the game started during 1986 World Cup, when Brazil and France played. He wishes to visit his favourite country, Brazil, to watch the match. Jun 18, 2014
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Church in Ukraine's Slavyansk damaged by shelling

The anti-Kiev activists' checkpoint in eastern Slavyansk came under the fire on Monday, damaging the Seraphim Sarovsky Church, located about 200 meters away, and the bridge connecting the suburb to the center of town. Duration: 00:29 Jun 18, 2014
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Uganda fights HIV with rubber band circumcision

With trousers around his ankles, Justin Igalla awaits a tight rubber band for his foreskin, an innovative non-surgical technique rolling out in several African nations to encourage circumcision and cut HIV infection rates. Duration: 02:44 Jun 18, 2014
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British government to reopen embassy in Tehran

Britain plans to reopen its embassy in Iran, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced Tuesday, as the West steps up its engagement with Tehran amid rapid jihadist advances in neighbouring Iraq. Duration: 00:45 Jun 18, 2014