Ousted Thai PM to make final impeachment defence

Ousted premier Yingluck Shinawatra arrives at Thailand's junta-picked legislature to make a last ditch defence ahead of an impeachment vote that could see her banned from politics for five years. Duration: 00:45 Jan 22, 2015

AAP like a secret society, nobody allowed to question it: Shazia Ilmi

New Delhi, Jan 22 (ANI): BJP leader Shazia Ilmi on Thursday said that there is a dictatorship in the AAP and the party has sidelined many leaders. She added that the party has become similar to the parties they used to criticize in their functioning. She further said that there is a secret society is running AAP and anybody who questions it will be called a traitor. Jan 22, 2015

Professionals design unmanned aerial vehicle to aid in surveillance

Kanpur, Jan 22 (ANI): Professors of a prestigious technology institute in Kanpur claimed to have developed a portable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which could help security forces patrol better in border areas. It could also prove handy to police in monitoring traffic and other issues. Designers said the light UAV fitted with cameras could fly at a very low height to keep vigil in sensitive areas. It could also be used to keep an eye on wildlife in jungles, frequently targeted by poachers. They said it could also help security forces in their fight against Maoist rebels. The UAV can be carried in a bag. The attached wings on both sides of UAV can be detached and carried anywhere to make it handy for police and security personnel. Run on gasoline and solid fuel, the UAV can fly non-stop for 10 hours. Jan 22, 2015

Security forces arrest two hardcore rebels in Jharkhand

Gumla, Jan 22 (ANI): Security forces arrested two hardcore Maoists in a major offensive against rebels in Jharkhand, a senior police official said. Several arms, bullets and various mobile phones were recovered from their hideout. Meanwhile, a security personnel allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself with his service rifle in Gumla district. The deceased security personnel was identified as Ashish Thapa. It was not immediately known what caused Thapa to commit suicide. Police have found no suicide note. Jan 22, 2015

Yemen's President ready to accept demands of Houthis to end standoff

New Delhi, Jan 22 (ANI): Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi expressed readiness to accept Houthi demands for power-sharing after two days of battle. Reportedly, the rebels have agreed to release the President and withdraw their militias from government institutions if their demands are fulfilled. According to their demands, the rebel Houthi movement will have more say in the affairs of the Yemen. The Shiite Houthi rebels had seized the presidential palace and surrounded President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's home. Hadi himself was unharmed. Reports suggest, that the government and Houthi rebels have reached a tentative deal. Further reports are awaited. Jan 22, 2015

More than 1,000 people participate in walkathon in Vizag

Visakhapatnam, Jan 22 (ANI): More than 1,000 people from all walks of life took part in a walkathon on Thursday morning (January 22) in Visakhapatnam as part of an energy conservation campaign. Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight (OGCF), 2015 is being observed by several public sector oil companies. OGCF is an initiative of Petroleum Conservation and Research Association (PCRA) and oil PSUs to create mass awareness regarding the importance of energy conservation by involving all sections of the society, including school children. With the launch of the national level fortnight-long programme, intensive campaigns are being undertaken to drive home the point of oil and gas conservation. Jan 22, 2015