Halloween: The Donald and Pizza Rat among top costumes

When a Donald Trump look-alike rings the doorbell on Halloween night, he or she may solicit a piece of candy but the treat they really seek is recognition. Pop culture experts say ripped from the headlines costumes to celebrate the 31 October holiday - such as Cecil the lion - are a way for adults to connect in a world splintered by a myriad of choices for information and entertainment. Oct 29, 2015

Japan: Protesters dragged away as work resumes at US airbase

Police dragged away elderly protesters trying to block work on a contentious US airbase in Okinawa on Thursday (29 October) as Japans government resumed building even though the Okinawa governor had revoked a work permit for the site. Oct 29, 2015

North Korea: Underground market generating wealth for citizens

When tanks rolled down Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea on 10 October, the image given to the rest of the world was one of business as usual in the isolated country. However, away from the bombast and sabre rattling, a change is underway at the very heart of the North Korean state, once driven by a tightly controlled communist command economy, largely synonymous with rationing and material deprivation. Oct 29, 2015

Pakistan: Footage shows landslide after massive earthquake

Video footage showed a landslide in Hunza Valley, northern Pakistan after a massive earthquake hit on Monday (26 October). The quake struck northern Pakistan and Afghanistan, killing at least 300 people, at least 266 in Pakistan. Oct 29, 2015