Hairy skin bikinis
The various kinds of hairy bikinis Beloved Shirts offerBeloved Shirts, Instagram

Gone are the days when animal prints were in trend. A US-based company has just introduced a line of human print swimwear and it has people having mixed feeling about it.

From a highly fashionable sensual piece of clothing, the beloved poolside wear seems to have pushed the weird button when 'Beloved Shirts' began a line of swimwear with a man's hairy torso printed on the bikini.

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Going viral on social media platforms, the printed swimwear for women sells at $44 per piece. It is available in different skin tones and sports not only hair, but belly button and man boobs as well.

The product is being sold as 'Our Sexy Chest Swimsuit' and comes with tagline: "Make the pool boy say "WTF!""

Make 'em say WTF ?FREE US shipping ??Link in bio

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And it looks like people are going gaga over the new trend. While some have a love-hate feeling for this, many actually love the new product and want to try it out.

Chewshie: I need this

Maryjulizzy: You need to make this international shipping I live in Holland I want them too!!

Desicini: omg I almost want to buy this

People want to grab a piece of it and flaunt their camouflaged summer bodies. Their official Instagram account also has enquiries for the sort of colours and sizes they offer.

alejandro_alex: "Are there different skin tones? This one appears to be a little too pink for me."

kleen.e: "what color is she wearing? tan or regular?" referring to a video posted by their Instagram account.

Veeniedee: What size is she wearing?

My Summer bod is ready See what all the fuss is about ?Link in bio

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But for a few, their unique presentation did not gown down too well:

Longwrongroad: not sure what the purpose was of you making a swimsuit like this, but some women actually have hairy bodies like this. women like me! it makes me sad and angry to see people making a joke out of a body like mine. i am not a joke. i don't exist for shock value.

Woodenheartz: This is terribly disturbing

Would you try one on? Let us know your thoughts on the new summer wear in the comments below.