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Now, Know your Fitness Age for Longevity

New Delhi, Oct 28 (ANI): A new research has come up with a method that could help in determining the fitness age i.e. it can help us inform till what age one will remain fit and healthy. The research conducted at Norwegian University of Science and Technology showed that fitness age takes one's respiratory health into account and is made up of different components including your heart rate, waist circumference, exercise routine, and more. According to the study, the lower one's fitness age s from their actual age, the higher one's chances of living a long life plus, if one does not get the number one then by regular exercise the fitness age could decrease over time. Oct 28, 2014
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Light Snacks Can Make You 'Pile On The Pounds'

New Delhi, 28 Oct (ANI): Next time, think twice before munching on popcorn while watching your favorite movie in the theatre - as this 'light food' can actually make you pile on the pounds. These cinema snacks contain "shocking" levels of calories and fat. According to a research, a typical tub of sweet popcorn contains around 1,260 calories and 79.6g of fat much more than the daily maximum intake suggested for people. A portion of nachos provides 3.1g of salt which is more than half of an adult's daily allowance, plus 1,030 calories and 56.5g of fat. Even the Cola bought at the cinema has up to 320 calories per container.So for the next tim e, do think about the calorie and fat count before you enjoy your light snacks meal. Oct 28, 2014
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Liberian doctor uses HIV drug on Ebola patients

New methods to try and stem Ebola are being tested regularly in Liberia. One doctor in the city of Tubmanburg, G. Logan Gorbee, has been using a drug originally intended to treat AIDS - and he says the results have been positive. Duration: 01:08 Oct 28, 2014
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Kidnapped Nigerian women tell of Boko Haram abuse

Boko Haram has used kidnapped young women and girls on the front lines of its insurgency, according to a new report published by Human Rights Watch, after a fresh abduction in Nigeria's far northeast. Duration: 01:34 Oct 27, 2014
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Senate candidates neck-and-neck in key state Colorado

With just days to go until the mid-term congressional elections, the Democrats face long odds of maintaining control of the US Senate. In Colorado, embattled Senator Mark Udall faces the increasingly-popular Cory Gardner. Duration: 02:06 Oct 27, 2014
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Prakash Javadekar urges to disseminate information on climate change

New Delhi, Oct 27 (ANI): Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, on Monday (October 27), said that people of the country should be informed about climate change as they were good in acclimatizing with the weather. While addressing a workshop on 'scaling-up good practices for climate change adaptation' in New Delhi, Javadekar said that another term was being added to the minister, 'climate change' and the country was serious about the matter. Javadekar said that in a bid to increase people's participation to deal with the problem, the government released an extra fund of rupees 100 crore for climate adaptation in the budget. Oct 27, 2014
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People from different faiths celebrate the Urs of Baba Gudadi Shah in Ajmer

Ajmer, Oct 27 (ANI): India is a multi-cultural and multi-religious country. This amazing diversity is cherished by people of all communities as they celebrate each other's religious festivals with much zeal and fervour. One such example is seen at the mausoleum of Baba Gudadi Shah in Ajmer city of Rajasthan, which attracts people from different religious beliefs. Every year devotees in large numbers gather at Baba's shrine to pay homage to him and seek blessings. Devotees from foreign countries also take pride in visiting the mausoleum. During evening, qawalls perform qawwallis, gathering people in large number who participate enthusiastically. The mausoleum of Baba Gudadi Shah showcases the spirit of harmony which is the true essence of the country. Oct 27, 2014
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People work with religious harmony in metal bell bowl making unit

Bankura, Oct 27 (ANI): There are many small and big establishments flourishing across the country that contribute to its amazing growth story. One such example is a metal bell bowl making unit in Bankura. Here Hindus and Muslims work together in perfect harmony. The unit has grown over the years and its success is credited to good relations between Hindu and Muslim workers. Being a unique object, the metal bells made here are largely in demand and people all across the globe gets supply from the unit. The hardship and the essence of brotherhood and amity between workers has enabled the unit to make a mark in the region. Indians have a unique ability to keep their individualities intact and yet integrate with the society effortlessly. They embrace each other's differences with open arms, and this is the specialty of Indian culture. Oct 27, 2014