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Concept of _pedaling for a green earth_ gains popularity in India

New Delhi, Aug 20 (ANI): Biking has gained popularity, as people from all walks of life are interested in using bicycles. With growing consciousness about health and environment, the concept of _pedaling for a green earth_ is fast gaining popularity. With an annual production of 15 million bicycles, India is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world after China. Aug 20, 2014
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Eyewear market booms in India

New Delhi, Aug 20 (ANI): The neo-rich and fashion conscious urban Indians have provided a perfect opportunity to the eyewear market to establish themselves in India. The revenue of the industry has increased to USD 1,247 million at a CAGR of 27.4% during FY_2007-FY_2013. It is estimated to exceed USD 14,856 million by 2018 due to the major push from eyewear sales in the spectacle lens segment. The eyewear market in India has witnessed a steep incline in recent years on account of higher sales of eyewear across an array of segments. Eyewear market has come a long way and with people switching to modern techniques and brands, the sector is poised to grow in future as well. Aug 20, 2014
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Israel-Hamas ceasefire shattered

Israel and Palestinians militants resume fire across the Gaza border, sparking panic across the wartorn enclave where residents flee for cover from Israeli aircraft strikes. Duration: 01:15 Aug 20, 2014
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US police shoot suspect dead near protest scene

Police from the US city of St. Louis shot dead another suspect on Tuesday a short distance from a suburb that is already the scene of protests over last week_s killing of an unarmed teenager. Duration: 00:41 Aug 20, 2014
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Iraqi special forces claim they took Mosul dam

Iraqi forces launch a string of attacks on Sunni militants, including at Saddam Hussein's hometown Tikrit, as US President Barack Obama declares his firmest commitment yet to targeting jihadists, August 19, 2014. Duration: 00:37 Aug 19, 2014
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Sicilian hilltop homes on sale for one euro

It's an offer you can't refuse: rustic abodes in a picturesque hilltop village on the island of Sicily, are up for sale for just one euro, helping to breathe new life into the area, Gangi, Italy on August 19, 2014. Duration: 02:16 Aug 19, 2014