Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

5000 year old lifestyle science of ayurveda has praised coconut oil for its multiple benefits! Even modern science, which used to say, saturated fat is bad for health, has changed its views and are convinced that this ancient oil has unique and essential properties. Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : A Ventuno Production Mar 31, 2014

How to do Lateral Cone Drill

Speed and agility training drills are designed to work all your leg and core muscles, as well as the tendons in your body. It is important to train at a level that is equal to your game intensity to help increase your performance and to minimize injury. Lateral Cone Drill helps to build leg strength. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Mar 28, 2014

How to do Cone Drills

Cone Drills imitate a more realistic situation in sports wher multi-directional changes occur constantly. These drills are most beneficial when starting fresh and not immediately following a hard lifting session. When performing cone drills, you want to assume a natural athletic stance. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Mar 28, 2014

Scientists Built World’s First Artificial Chromosome

For the first-of-its-kind, scientists have made a synthetic chromosome thus making a mark in the development of synthetic biology that assures to revolutionize industrial and medical biotechnology in the coming decades. Mar 28, 2014

Pilates, Beginners Warm Up - Part2

For any exercise, its very important to Warm up before you start... especially when you are a beginner! In this webisode, Divya continues to demostrate and explain further, the warm up exercise. Do watch out for more as we give you a thorough look in to your body's core. Feedbacks and Comments are welcome Mar 28, 2014

Health Benefits of Honey

If you are not a morning person, but want to be one. To get rid of your morning laziness, take a spoonful of honey and wake yourself up with joy. Honey is a natural sweetner, that stimulates the tongue, raise the heart rate, warms the body and the entire meatabolism. Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : A Ventuno Production Mar 27, 2014