New York: Man jetpacks around Statue of Liberty

Australian entrepreneur David Mayman was the first person to fly around New Yorks Statue of Liberty in a jetpack, a recent video shows. Maymans JetPack Aviation, which claims to have invented the worlds only true jetpack, released a video on YouTube showing him flying around the New York landmark. Nov 11, 2015

Global warming is good news for Champagne lovers

Climate change is a touchy subject in Champagne, because as France prepares to host world leaders for talks on how to slow it next month, producers of the regions famous sparkling wine have seen only benefits from global warming so far. The 1.2C increase in temperatures in the region over the past 30 years has reduced frost damage. It has also added 1% in the level of alcohol and reduced acidity, making it easier to comply with strict production rules, according to Champagne makers group CIVC. Nov 10, 2015