Jeb Bush: Donald Trump is not a conservative

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaking at a small town hall meeting on 19 August, took a swipe at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, saying he’s not a conservative. Aug 20, 2015

US election 2016: Hillary Clinton wont ‘back down’ from fight against gun violence

US Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton appeared moved on 18 August while answering audience questions about gun violence during a campaign event in Las Vegas. Clinton told the crowd that she supports stronger, more balanced gun control laws but reiterated her pledge to tackle gun violence in America if elected president. Aug 19, 2015

Isis calls on its followers to conquer Istanbul

Islamic State (IS) published a video calling Turkish people to rebel and fight against the rule of infidel and traitor President Tayyip Erdogan and help conquer Istanbul, the SITE monitoring service said on 18 August. Aug 18, 2015