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Government to ease taxation for IT sector

New Delhi, Sept 19 (ANI): In its draft proposal, the Revenue Department of Finance Ministry has proposed lessening of taxation burden for the IT sector so as to enable those engaged in this segment to safely harbour their profits. Revenue Secretary Sumit Bose stated this at a news conference in New Delhi. He said the government had issued a notification with an objective to curb the disputes related to transfer pricing by relaxing the prevailing norms. Further he said that the proposed norms, if finalized, would prevail for five fiscal years. Sep 19, 2013
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Company launches rocket to space station

Orbital Sciences Corp launches the first test flight of its unmanned Antares rocket to the International Space Station, as NASA forges ahead with its plan to privatize US space missions. Duration: 01:18 Sep 18, 2013
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Villagers take up arms against C.Africa ex-rebels

Villagers in the Central African Republic form self-defense militias following what they say were violent abuses by Seleka ex-rebels, with one child saying he will fight to avenge his dead family. Duration: 01:21 Sep 18, 2013
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Greece crippled by fresh anti-austerity strikes

Thousands of civil servants demonstrated in Greece on Wednesday in the week's second major protest against planned job cuts, as social tensions rose over a leftist musician's murder by a suspected neo-Nazi. Duration:01:07 Sep 18, 2013
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Greenpeace activists scale oil rig in Russian Arctic

Russian coast guards on Wednesday arrested two Greenpeace activists who scaled an oil platform owned by state energy giant Gazprom in the Arctic to protest oil drilling in defiance of warning shots, the environmental group and officials said. Duration: 00:48 Sep 18, 2013
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Looting, misery in flood-hit Mexican resort

Thousands of looters take to the streets in the flood-hit Mexican resort city of Acapulco as exhausted holidaymakers vie to be airlifted out. Twin storms have killed at least 57 people nationwide. Duration: 01:13 Sep 18, 2013