Average age of people getting hitched in different countries revealed

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): The average age that people tie the knot differs from country to country. An informative map produced by Pricenomics, which uses data provided by the United Nations, shows the average age-by country-at which people get hitched. The price comparison website of the data said that the biggest differentiator of marriage age seems to be a country's income, with people in developed countries marrying later. Nov 25, 2013

Empty coach of Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express derailed

Bangalore, Nov 24 (ANI): While being shunted to the railway station yard in Bangalore on Sunday, one of the empty coach of the Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express derailed from the tracks, according to the railway sources. The Additional Divisional Railway Manager, Sugandha Mahajan said that the bogies has come and stalled at pit line and that it is in process of getting rolled back onto the tracks. Nov 25, 2013

AAP showed parts of sting operation CD which can prove them innocent: Anuranjan Jha Part - 2

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): After Aam Aadmi Party said that the sting operation CD was doctored and that its leaders are not involved in any wrongdoings, Media Sarkar Journalist Anuranjan Jha said that the party itself doctored the CD and showed those parts which can prove them innocent. He said that like other political parties, AAP too is not capable of handling criticism and is defending themselves. Further, talking about the allegations on Media Sarkar that it took Rs.12 crore from other political parties fro this sting operation, Jha said that the party should bring proof fro the same and bring it in front of the nation. He said that he will move the court if AAP fails to prove the same. He also said that the party acceded the limit set for spending in an election campaigning by the Election Commission. Nov 25, 2013

Money given to media houses to defame us: AAP Part - 1

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday maintained its claim that money was distributed in some media houses to defame the party. The allegation comes in the wake of a sting operation by media portal mediasarkar.com, which showed some AAP members allegedly accepting donations without proper verification. The party also claimed that the sting tapes were doctored. Nov 25, 2013

Why doesn't Narendra Modi agrees for narco test: RB Sreekumar

Allahabad, Nov 24 (ANI): Former Gujarat DGP RB Sreekumar on Sunday questioned why Narendra Modi doesn't agree for a narco test if he is truthful. He said that he also have a record of all the illegal orders given by Modi before his suspension. Further, he said that there was no order whatsoever of permission to tap Sreekumar's phones and that it is a punishable crime on Modi's part. Nov 25, 2013

India welcomes nuclear agreement between Iran, US and its allies

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): India welcomed agreement between Iran, US and its allies to resolve nuclear issue, said MEA spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin on Sunday. Iran and six world powers reached a breakthrough deal early on Sunday to curb Tehran's nuclear programme in exchange for limited sanctions relief, in what could be the first sign of an emerging rapprochement between the Islamic state and the West. Aimed at ending a dangerous standoff, the agreement between Iran and the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia was clinched after more than four days of tortuous negotiations in the Swiss city of Geneva. Nov 25, 2013

Pressure builds on crisis-hit Thai government

Tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators march through the tense Thai capital in an escalation of mass street rallies aiming to topple Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's embattled government. Duration: 01:01 Nov 25, 2013

Golden Dawn members appear in Greek court

Three Golden Dawn MP's appeared in court Monday saying the charges they face are politically motivated. The trio have until 7 December to prepare their cases. Duration: 00:33 Nov 25, 2013

Latvian ministers honour dead in supermarket collapse

Members of the Latvian government observed a minute of silence on Monday, to honour the dead on All Souls Day and pray for the victims of a collapsed supermarket in Riga which killed at least 54 people. Duration: 00:29 Nov 25, 2013