thai-political-protests-paralyse-more-ministries Play

Thai political protests paralyse more ministries

Thai opposition protesters besiege several more ministries in Bangkok in a bid to topple the government, as Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra faces a no-confidence motion in parliament and warns against "mob rule". Duration: 00:35 Nov 26, 2013
keeping-the-rare-us-whooping-cranes-alive Play

Keeping the rare US whooping cranes alive

Jane Chandler raises the rarest cranes in the world. For them to have a chance at surviving in the wild, the young birds must never see her face, hear her speak, or know her to be a human being. Duration: 02:00 Nov 26, 2013
bangalore-teen-girl-gang-raped-after-trip-to-cinema-4-arrested Play

Bangalore: Teen girl gang-raped after trip to cinema, 4 arrested

Bangalore, Nov 26 (ANI): Four accused in the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Bangalore have been arrested. On Saturday, the teen watched a movie with one of the suspects, a 25-year-old. The police say from the theatre, he took her to a secluded area in Central Bangalore, where he was joined by four friends. Police are on the hunt for the fifth accused. Nov 26, 2013
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Water Crisis grips PoK

Muzaffarabad, Nov 26: Pakistan occupied Kashmir or PoK is reeling under intense water shortage, and administration has failed to overcome the crisis. At many places, people are suffering because of this water shortage, and falling ill because of unhygienic water consumed which is in itself scantily available. The Worst victims of this epidemic are the poor people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Nov 26, 2013
men-regret-moving-too-slowly-sexually-while-women-regret-moving-too-fast Play

Men regret moving too slowly sexually while women regret moving too fast!

New Delhi, Nov 26 (ANI): A team of researchers, studying how human emotions such as regret can play an important role in survival and reproduction, have suggested that men are more likely to regret not taking action on a potential liaison, and women are more remorseful for engaging in one-time liaisons. Martie Haselton, a UCLA social psychology professor, said that evolutionary pressures probably explain the gender difference in sexual regret. Nov 26, 2013
talwars-get-life-sentence-aarushis-friend-expresses-disappointment Play

Talwars get life sentence; Aarushi's friend expresses disappointment

New Delhi, Nov 26 (ANI): Few hours after the CBI court handed over the Talwar couple life sentence for killing their teenage daughter Aarushi, a friend of Aarushi, Fiza Jha expressed disappointment over the judgement. Jha accused the CBI of presenting all the evidences in a distorted manner. Nov 26, 2013
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AAPs meeting with Election Commission - Part - 1

New Delhi, Nov 26 (ANI): After a meeting with the election commission on Tuesday, AAP leaders informed that they have requested the EC to lay restriction on the media houses on circulating sting tapes before they get certification from the EC on the same. AAP leaders cried foul and said that the tapes are being released at the moment when there is no time left to bring out the truth in front of people, by the party. Nov 26, 2013