belgium-princess-pays-floral-tribute-to-world-war-i-soldiers-at-india-gate Play

Belgium princess pays floral tribute to World War I soldiers at India Gate

New Delhi, Nov 25 (ANI): Princess Astrid of Belgium visited the India Gate war memorial in New Delhi and paid floral tribute at the eternal flame 'Amar Jawan Jyoti' and inaugurated the Flower Carpet in commemoration of World War I soldiers. The Princess is on a week-long-visit to India and arrived on Saturday with a 300-member business delegation to boost bilateral trade relations. Nov 25, 2013
bjp-demands-reforms-in-food-distribution-system Play

BJP demands reforms in food distribution system

New Delhi, Nov 25 (ANI): BJP senior leader Murli Manohar Joshi called for reforms in commodity trading, which would put a stop on price rise of food products. Earlier this year, Parliament approved a $20 billion scheme to distribute subsidised wheat and rice to 800 million people, backing an anti-malnutrition drive that investors fear will mean missing the fiscal deficit target. Taking a jibe at that scheme, Joshi said that it lacks nutritional products in the list. Nov 25, 2013
money-given-to-media-houses-to-defame-us-aap-part-3 Play

Money given to media houses to defame us: AAP Part - 3

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday maintained its claim that money was distributed in some media houses to defame the party. The allegation comes in the wake of a sting operation by media portal, which showed some AAP members allegedly accepting donations without proper verification. The party also claimed that the sting tapes were doctored. Nov 25, 2013
shoma-chaudhury-faces-ire-in-journalist-sexual-assault-case Play

Shoma Chaudhury faces ire in journalist sexual assault case

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): The Chairperson of the State Commission for Women of Goa, Vidya Shet, on Sunday hit out at the Managing Editor of investigative magazine ‘Tehelka’, Shoma Chaudhury, in the journalist sexual assault case. Shoma was earlier criticized for not handling the complaint of sexual assault by a young woman journalist against the news magazine's founder editor, Tarun Tejpal efficiently. Shet alleged that Chaudhury is taking sides with the wrong person. Nov 25, 2013
delhi-and-central-govt-looting-delhi-people-sushma-swaraj Play

Delhi and central govt looting Delhi people: Sushma Swaraj

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): Accusing the Congres party, BJP leader Sushma Swaraj said that the Delhi government as well as central government is looting the people of Delhi and that common man even are not getting access to basic necessities of life. Swaraj said that scams like Common wealth games increased the wealth of congress and no action was taken in the same. Further, she raised question on Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for the lack of security for women in the city. Nov 25, 2013
tarun-tajpal-case-investigating-team-obtained-more-documents-and-electronic-item-says-goa-dig Play

Tarun Tajpal case: Investigating team obtained more documents and electronic item, says Goa DIG

Panaji, Nov 24 (ANI): Giving updates on the Tarun Tajpal sexual assault case, Goa DIG OP Mishra said that the investigating team has obtained more documents and other electronic items relevant for the case and the teams will be arriving in Goa for further proceedings. He said that the investigation is moving in the correct direction and that more people will be contacted if required soon. Further, he appealed to remain sensitive towards the privacy and dignity of the victim and stop any such posts on the social networking sites. Nov 25, 2013
why-doesnt-narendra-modi-agrees-for-narco-test-rb-sreekumar Play

Why doesn't Narendra Modi agrees for narco test: RB Sreekumar

Allahabad, Nov 24 (ANI): Former Gujarat DGP RB Sreekumar on Sunday questioned why Narendra Modi doesn't agree for a narco test if he is truthful. He said that he also have a record of all the illegal orders given by Modi before his suspension. Further, he said that there was no order whatsoever of permission to tap Sreekumar's phones and that it is a punishable crime on Modi's part. Nov 25, 2013
money-given-to-media-houses-to-defame-us-aap-part-1 Play

Money given to media houses to defame us: AAP Part - 1

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday maintained its claim that money was distributed in some media houses to defame the party. The allegation comes in the wake of a sting operation by media portal, which showed some AAP members allegedly accepting donations without proper verification. The party also claimed that the sting tapes were doctored. Nov 25, 2013
aap-showed-parts-of-sting-operation-cd-which-can-prove-them-innocent-anuranjan-jha-part-2 Play

AAP showed parts of sting operation CD which can prove them innocent: Anuranjan Jha Part - 2

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): After Aam Aadmi Party said that the sting operation CD was doctored and that its leaders are not involved in any wrongdoings, Media Sarkar Journalist Anuranjan Jha said that the party itself doctored the CD and showed those parts which can prove them innocent. He said that like other political parties, AAP too is not capable of handling criticism and is defending themselves. Further, talking about the allegations on Media Sarkar that it took Rs.12 crore from other political parties fro this sting operation, Jha said that the party should bring proof fro the same and bring it in front of the nation. He said that he will move the court if AAP fails to prove the same. He also said that the party acceded the limit set for spending in an election campaigning by the Election Commission. Nov 25, 2013
empty-coach-of-bangalore-nizamuddin-rajdhani-express-derailed Play

Empty coach of Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express derailed

Bangalore, Nov 24 (ANI): While being shunted to the railway station yard in Bangalore on Sunday, one of the empty coach of the Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express derailed from the tracks, according to the railway sources. The Additional Divisional Railway Manager, Sugandha Mahajan said that the bogies has come and stalled at pit line and that it is in process of getting rolled back onto the tracks. Nov 25, 2013
average-age-of-people-getting-hitched-in-different-countries-revealed Play

Average age of people getting hitched in different countries revealed

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): The average age that people tie the knot differs from country to country. An informative map produced by Pricenomics, which uses data provided by the United Nations, shows the average age-by country-at which people get hitched. The price comparison website of the data said that the biggest differentiator of marriage age seems to be a country's income, with people in developed countries marrying later. Nov 25, 2013
tight-security-in-madhya-pradesh-ahead-of-state-assembly-polls Play

Tight security in Madhya Pradesh ahead of state assembly polls

Gwalior/Bhopal/Indore Nov 24 (ANI): Authorities in poll bound Madhya Pradesh beefed up security arrangements as the state prepares to go for assembly elections on Monday. Polling venues in Bhopal, Gwalior and Indore were seen bustling with officials preparing and arranging voting equipments for a smooth polling day. Administrative officials in Indore are hoping for fair and secure polls amidst the tight security. Nov 25, 2013
spectators-throng-to-imphal-polo-ground-to-witness-7th-manipur-polo-international Play

Spectators throng to Imphal Polo ground to witness 7th Manipur Polo International

Imphal, Nov 24 (ANI): Thousands of spectators are thronging Imphal Polo ground to witness 7th Manipur Polo International in Imphal. Players from the U.S.A, Germany, Thailand and India shared their excitement and enthusiasm as the competition offered them a chance to play the sport on the original Polo horse - Manipuri pony, in the oldest living pologround in the world. Nov 25, 2013
surrendered-militant-joins-school-after-returning-to-kashmir Play

Surrendered militant joins school after returning to Kashmir

Rajouri, Nov 24 (ANI): A surrendered militant has joined back school after a span of nine years in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. Mohammad Riaz was picked up by the militants on his way back home from school in a village in Rajouri district when he was just a 16-year-old school going boy. Riaz, who was taken to Pakistan to be trained in one of the militant camps, has now returned to the country under the rehabilitation policy of the state government that gives people like Riaz a chance to start afresh. Nov 25, 2013
kangana-ranaut-walks-ramp-for-indian-designer-in-mumbai Play

Kangana Ranaut walks ramp for Indian designer in Mumbai

Mumbai, Nov 24 (ANI): Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut recently walked the ramp for Indian designer, Gaviin Miguel at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2013 in Mumbai. Ranaut, who was the showstopper for Miguel, said that she likes to experiment with her fashion style and Miguel makes that very easy and effortless for her. Minguel showcased his, "Warriors of Heaven and Earth", collection at the Ninth edition of the Fashion Tour. Nov 25, 2013