justice-ak-ganguly-writes-to-cji-subramanian-swamy-comes-out-in-his-support Play

Justice AK Ganguly writes to CJI: Subramanian Swamy comes out in his support

New Delhi, Dec 23 (ANI): Even as former Supreme Court judge AK Ganguly, indicted for sexually harassing a law intern wrote to the Chief Justice of India categorically denying the charges against him, BJP Leader, Subramanian Swamy on Monday came out in support of Ganguly saying there seems to be an agenda behind the whole issue. Dec 23, 2013
bjp-hits-at-aap-for-taking-support-from-congress Play

BJP hits at AAP for taking support from Congress

New Delhi, Dec 23 (ANI): BJP leader Prakash Javadekar on Monday hit out at the Aam Aadmi Party for taking support from the Congress and said that the party owes an explanation on this. Javadekar also said that the BJP will play the role of a responsible opposition. Dec 23, 2013
kejriwal-will-be-there-to-crack-the-whip-on-bureaucrats-shazia-ilmi Play

Kejriwal will be there to crack the whip on bureaucrats: Shazia Ilmi

New Delhi, Dec 23 (ANI): Commenting on the formation of government by the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, AAP Leader, Shazia Ilmi on Monday said that it might look like a small step but it is a big leap for democracy. On being asked how they will deal with bureaucracy, she said that they will not be compliant and her party will certainly be able to tackle them. She also added that Arvind Kejriwal will be there to crack the whip on bureaucrats. Dec 23, 2013
colourful-procession-creates-christmas-spirit-in-west-bengal Play

Colourful procession creates Christmas spirit in West Bengal

Siliguri, Dec 23 (ANI): With Christmas around the corner, India revelled in the festivities as hundreds of Christians in West Bengal took out a colourful procession, singing carols and spreading the message of peace and compassion. The procession was carried out all across the city to celebrate the pre-Christmas celebrations and also to proclaim the ideals of Jesus Christ to the humanity. Dec 23, 2013
Vin Diesel Play

Vin Diesel confirms release date of 'Fast and Furious 7'

New Delhi, Dec 23 (ANI): Vin Diesel has confirmed the release date of upcoming film ' Fast and Furious 7' as April 10, 2015. The 46-year-old actor took to Facebook to leave a tribute for deceased star Paul Walker by captioning a photograph as the last scene they filmed together. Dec 23, 2013
communal-barriers-fade-as-hindus-muslims-work-together Play

Communal barriers fade as Hindus, Muslims work together

Meerut, Dec 23 (ANI): Meerut, located in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh is one of the most important commercial centers of the country and houses many big and small business establishments. These establishments not only indicate city's growth but also strong communal relations as people from different communities work together with unity and harmony. One such example comes from its blanket making factory where Hindus and Muslims work together to make blankets for the people of Gandhi Ashram. Dec 23, 2013
urs-of-sufi-saint-draws-devotees-from-different-faith Play

Urs of Sufi saint draws devotees from different faith

Uttar Pradesh, Dec 23 (ANI): The valley which is best known for its picturesque beauty is a perfect amalgamation of cultures and traditions. Harmony among various communities can be seen across the state. One such occasion had been the Urs of saint Jamalulla Qaadri Rehmatullah Aleh, which was celebrated recently in Rampur of northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Devotees belonging to many faiths came in large numbers to seek the Sufi saint's blessings. Dec 23, 2013
akhilesh-yadav-welcomes-rahul-gandhis-suggestion-for-riot-hit-victims Play

Akhilesh Yadav welcomes Rahul Gandhi's suggestion for riot-hit victims

Lucknow, Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Dec 23 (ANI): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, on Monday welcomed suggestions from Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and other lawmakers to help riot-hit victims. Gandhi visited the victims in Shamli district accompanied by Minister of States, Home Affairs RPN Singh and a leader of his party Madhusudan Mistry. Dec 23, 2013
bangladesh-scholars-blame-jamaat-e-islami-for-creating-divide-within-society Play

Bangladesh scholars blame Jamaat-e-Islami for creating divide within society

Bangladesh, Dec 23 (ANI): Bangladesh war veterans and Islamic scholars slammed the Jamaat-e-Islami, for creating a divide within the society. Freedom fighters and social activists blamed the Islamist party for mounting tensions between the feuding parties ahead of the national elections. An Islamic leader, Allama Fariduddin Masud, urged Bangladesh government to seize the properties of Jamaat-e-Islami. Dec 23, 2013
congress-hails-government-formation-by-aap-in-delhi Play

Congress hails government formation by AAP in Delhi

Bangalore / Kaushambi / New Delhi, Dec 23 (ANI): The Congress on Monday applauded the Aam Aadmi Party for their decision to form the government in Delhi, as they say that it will strengthen the democratic setup of the country. Dec 23, 2013
bjp-wants-aap-to-investigate-cwg-scam Play

BJP wants AAP to investigate CWG scam

New Delhi, Dec 23 (ANI): BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad on Monday said that now it is time to see how AAP will fulfill its promise to investigate and eradicate corruption in Delhi by taking support of the corrupt Congress. Prasad also added that it would be challenging for AAP to investigate the Commonwealth scam by taking Congress’ support. Dec 23, 2013
aap-will-function-as-minority-govt-congress-expected-not-to-let-it-run-for-long-prashant-bhushan Play

AAP will function as minority govt, Congress expected not to let it run for long: Prashant Bhushan

Bangalore, Dec 23 (ANI): Commenting on AAP government formation in Delhi with the support of Congress, party leader Prashant Bhushan said that AAP will function as a minority government and try to fulfill its agenda and promises. He said that keeping in view the Congress’ records, its expected that the party won't let the government function for long. Bhushan said that the party wants to show the people a different way of running the government and it doesn't matter to the party if Congress or BJP wants to pull down this government. Dec 23, 2013