student-kills-two-in-moscow-school-hostage-crisis Play

Student kills two in Moscow school hostage crisis

An armed student on Monday briefly took 20 teenagers hostage in a Moscow school and killed a policeman and a teacher before being detained amid security jitters ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Duration: 01:01 Feb 4, 2014
explosion-and-mortar-fire-near-french-embassy-in-yemen Play

Explosion and mortar fire near French embassy in Yemen

The French embassy in Sanaa was operating normally on Monday after a series of night-time attacks near the chancellery and the ministry of defence in the Yemeni capital, which wounded three people, according to diplomatic and police sources. Duration: 00:31 Feb 4, 2014
ecuadors-tungurahua-volcano-spews-ash-lava Play

Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano spews ash, lava

Ecuador has declared a state of alert for towns and village around Tungurahua volcano and evacuated hundreds of residents after the volcano, which has been rumbling on and off since 1999. Duration: 00:31 Feb 3, 2014
deadly-rainy-season-leaves-44-dead-in-bolivia Play

Deadly rainy season leaves 44 dead in Bolivia

Bolivia's deadly rainy season has claimed 44 lives and affected around 33,700 families, according to the latest numbers given by authorities. Bolivia President Evo Morales declared a state of emergency last Tuesday to assist victims. Duration: 00:40 Feb 3, 2014
olympics-russia-races-to-complete-hotels Play

Olympics: Russia races to complete hotels

With the clock ticking down fast to the start of the Sochi Winter Games, concerns grew about whether all the accommodation would be ready on time as workers toiled around the clock to put the finishing touches to hotels. Duration: 00:34 Feb 3, 2014
urs-of-sufi-saint-baji-ismail-draws-devotees-of-different-faiths Play

Urs of Sufi Saint Baji Ismail draws devotees of different faiths

Jammu & Kashmir, Feb 03 (ANI): Sufism in India has served to promote a common way of understanding the world. People from different faiths across the country congregate at Sufi shrines to pay their respects. One such place is the mausoleum of Sufi Saint Baji Ismail in Rajouri district that attracts Hindu and Muslim devotees. Every year thousands of people visit the shrine. It is believed that taking a bath from the tap near the shrine cures skin diseases. Though devotees throng the shrine throughout the year, the Urs or the death anniversary of the saint attracts a large number of people. The urs of the Sufi saint is celebrated for over eight days. Feb 3, 2014