Narendra Modi met with Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on Monday
Narendra Modi met with Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on MondayReuters

Reciprocating Prime Minister Narendra Modi's gesture of inviting Chinese premier Li Keqiang to India, China's foreign minister Wang Yi extended the Chinese government's invitation to Modi to visit the country, which the latter graciously accepted.

The 45-minute meeting that took place on Monday at 7 Racecourse Road seemed hunky-dory, and some of the positive takeaways from the Modi-Yi meet were:

  • Exchange of expertise - Yi proposed an exchange of knowledge and information, with the Chinese offering their expertise in the fields of infrastructure and manufacturing, and India playing a similar role with its expertise in software development, according to Hindustan Times.
  • Thawing of relations -The bonhomie was evident and held promise of improving relations between the two countries. Yi had a message of praise for Modi from Chinese president Jinping, in which he said: "Under you leadership, India will achieve greater development and progress. India and China are partners in long-term strategic cooperation."

Hearing this, Modi is said to have replied with equal gusto. "India was looking forward to working with the Chinese leadership to expand partnership," HT quoted the PM.

  • Coming together for world domination – Yi, in the meeting, is said to have sought Modi's partnership with China to 'dominate the world, according to DNA.
  • Infrastructure support –The Chinese foreign minister reportedly also expressed China's willingness to support infrastructure projects in India, such as its highway projects and building high-speed trains.
  • Trade and Tourism – While China is India's largest trading partner, it has been quite the opposite. However, Yi said China was ready to import more from India, and also pointed out the small scale of the present trade volume between the two countries. He also stressed on increasing number of Chinese tourists to India.
  • Commonalities – Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang, who had travelled to ancient India in the 7th century, posthumously played a significant role in improving Indo-China relations ever since Modi invoked him during his telephonic conversation with the Chinese premier.

Yi and Modi reportedly agreed to launch a cultural exchange program eponymous with the traveler, according to DNA.

According to veteran diplomat Neelam Deo, director of Gateway House, a foreign policy think-tank based in Mumbai, the meet between the two leaders was a positive step between the two countries.

"Modi has received goodwill on his earlier visits to China, and the Chinese foreign minister's meeting with him is a positive gesture. Wang's statement of infrastructure support to India coincides with Modi's agenda of building infrastructure," Deo, former Indian ambassador to Denmark and Ivory Coast and former Consul General in New York told International Business Times India Edition.

"However, when it comes to trade, it is important that China removes its non-tariff barriers to import Indian pharmaceutical goods and engineering products. Currently, Indian export to China is just one-third of Chinese export to India."