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It Happens: Devotees participate in seven-day long Hindu festival

Tripura, July 11 (ANI): Thousands of devotees gathered in India's northeastern province of Tripura to celebrate the festival of fourteen gods, 'Kharchi Puja'. The festival, celebrated annually during the months of June-July, claims to be the pride of Tripura, a state also known as the 'Land of Fourteen Gods'. A unique feature of the festival is the worship of heads of the fourteen gods. Unlike traditional methods of Hindus worshipping the entire body of a god, people here offer prayers only to the heads of the fourteen deities, which were carved from an alloy of eight metals during King Kalyan Manikya's reign. Another important feature of Kharchi Puja is that the deities worshiped are all Hindu gods and goddesses and both, the tribal priest 'Chantai' and the Hindu priest, perform the rituals together. An essential trait of the festival is the deities are locked in a room throughout the year and are brought to open for the devotees to see only during the seven-day period. Visitors who witnessed this unique festival said Tripura has its own communal conflicts between the tribals and non-tribals in the past, but now it's a very peaceful state and such festival helps in restoring peace in this state. Jul 11, 2014
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It Happens: Three- day painting exhibition brings cheer to specially-abled

Siliguri, July 11 (ANI): Anubhab, a voluntary organisation in eastern India organised a three- day painting- cum- sale exhibition to bring cheer to the specially- abled. A specially- abled boy, Pradip Nag, attending the programme, said that he was happy to be there. The organisers will be showcasing more than 30 paintings by an eminent painter, Binit Sinha, from Kolkata who told the reporter that it is the duty of society to look after the specially- abled people. The organisation was started in 1998 and since then it has devoted voluntary service in support of Round Table India, 232. The organisation provides the inmates with mid-day meals and special education. Jul 11, 2014
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It Happens: Kashmiris throng historical Hindu shrine to perform traditional fire ritual

Kulgam, July 11 (ANI): Hundreds of Kashmiri pundits thronged ancient Hindu shrine of Mata Katyayani to perform the traditional fire ritual 'Mahayagya' amid special prayers on communal harmony and peace. Believers assembled at the historical temple at Kakran in Kulgam district of northern Jammu and Kashmir state. Around two thousand Pundits thronged the ancient temple on the 3rd annual Mahayagya. Joining them were many Muslims who despite fasting during the month of Ramadan participated with enthusiasm. Jul 11, 2014
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SC grants one month bail to Bangalore blast accused Madani for treatment

New Delhi, July 11 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Friday granted one-month bail on health grounds to 2008 Bangalore serial bomb blast prime accused Abdul Nasser Madani. The Court said that during his one-month bail, Madani will not leave Bangalore and the Karnataka government is at liberty to take all steps to ensure that he does not get in touch with witnesses in the case, including putting him under surveillance. Madani was arrested in 2010 in connection with the Bangalore blasts which killed one person and injured 20 others. He has been in jail since then. Jul 11, 2014
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Fire in housing society in Ghaziabad, no casualties reported

Ghaziabad, July 11 (ANI): Fire broke out in ATS apartments of Indirapuram in Ghaziabad on Friday. Reportedly fire initiated in the basement and four parked cars were burnt. Fire brigade tenders have been rushed to the spot. A police official said that no details can be given at this point of time. Further details are awaited. Jul 11, 2014
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Petition challenging Collegium system filed in SC

New Delhi, July 11 (ANI): A petition was filed on Friday challenging the collegium system in the Supreme Court. Petitioner Rajiv Dahiya said that the Supreme Court had given orders of putting the matter of Collegium before a larger bench of 11 judges which the Registry did not follow. He added that the petition was filed because the SC could not get its orders executed itself. Jul 11, 2014
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Narendra Modi wants better ties with US: Rajiv Pratap Rudy

New Delhi, July 11 (ANI): BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy on Friday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi getting an invitation from the US Government and President Barack Obama in particular is a step in the right direction, adding that India has always wanted good relations with the United States. US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns delivered a letter from President Obama to Prime Minister Narendra Modi inviting him to USA. In his letter, President Obama reiterated his invitation to Prime Minister Modi to visit Washington in September and said he was looking forward to working closely with Prime Minister Modi to make India-US relations a defining partnership for the 21st Century. The Prime Minister reiterated his desire to strengthen relations with all neighbours. Jul 11, 2014
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Israel raids continue on Gaza

Israeli warplanes kept up deadly raids on Gaza Friday but failed to stop Palestinian militants firing rockets across the border, as the United States offered to help negotiate a truce. Duration: 01:27 Jul 11, 2014