french-jewish-immigrants-arrive-in-israel-amid-gaza-crisis Play

French Jewish immigrants arrive in Israel amid Gaza crisis

Around 400 Jewish men, women and children arrived in Israel from France on Wednesday to immigrate and settle in the Jewish state. Despite the ongoing conflict with Gaza a few dozen of the newcomers are set to reside in Ashdod. Duration: 00:44 Jul 18, 2014
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Ukraine leader says airline crash _terrorist act_

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko believes that pro-Russian insurgents had shot down a Malaysian Airlines jet in the rebel-held east, and views it as a _terrorist act_, his official spokesman tweeted Thursday. Duration: 00:37 Jul 18, 2014
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Israeli attacks on Gaza spark protest in New Delhi

New Delhi, July 17 (ANI): Members of Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) on Thursday took to streets in their protest against Israeli air strikes on Gaza Strip that have killed at least 160 Palestinians. On Thursday, CPI (M) members came out in droves and protested outside Israel Embassy in New Delhi. CPI (M) leader, Nilotpal Basu, slammed the governments of American and western European nations for not protesting against the air strikes. Echoing similar views, a leader of CPI (ML) Liberation, Kavita Krishnan, urged the Indian government to take a tough stand against Israeli attacks. Jul 17, 2014
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India short of coal, accepts power minister; politicos from rival parties slam govt

New Delhi, July 17 (ANI): India's power and coal minister Piyush Goyal has admitted that the country is running dangerously low on coal that has led to a shortage of power supply in many parts in the country. Even though Goyal passed the buck onto the previous UPA government, Congress leader Ambika Soni said that rather than blaming the UPA, the current government should take action to solve the problem. Last week Goyal urged power companies to raise thermal coal imports after saying that 26 out of 100 coal-based power plants in India had "super critical" stocks. However, opposition parties are urging the government to use up saved coal in India rather than importing it to provide cheap electricity to people. Jul 17, 2014