PM Modi invites Australian businessmen to invest in India

Brisbane, Nov 17 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday met businessmen during breakfast hosted by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman in Brisbane. Modi invited business leaders to participate and invest in Indian economy. Modi said that India and Australia share a comprehensive relation in terms of strategic partnership and international trade relations. Nov 17, 2014

Good governance is the starting point to change: PM Modi

Brisbane, Nov 17 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday met businessmen during breakfast hosted by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman in Brisbane. Modi asserted that good governance is the starting point of change and added that reforms launched by his government are aimed at boosting economic growth and improve quality of life. Nov 17, 2014

PM Modi meets business leaders at breakfast hosted by Queensland Premier

Brisbane, Nov 17 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday met businessmen during breakfast hosted by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman in Brisbane. While addressing the gathering he thanked the Australian government for playing a good host for the G-20 summit. He highlighted the steps taken to achieve good governance and said the government had eliminated unnecessary laws and regulations, making processes easier and shorter, ensuring that our government is more transparent. Nov 17, 2014

PM Modi departs for Sydney

Brisbane, Nov 17 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday departed from Brisbane for Sydney. Modi is the first Indian prime minister to visit Australia in 28 years after Rajiv Gandhi. He is expected to draw 16,000 people to his rally later in the day, while 270 people have booked on the "Modi Express" train for fans, which will run from Melbourne to Sydney. Modi is also expected to meet 200 prominent Indian businessmen and entrepreneurs and students in Sydney. Nov 17, 2014

Expat Indians excited to listen to 'Rockstar PM Modi' as they leave for Sydney from Brisbane

Brisbane, Nov 17 (ANI): Expat Indians on Monday expressed excitement as they reached Brisbane airport to leave for Sydney to hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi there. The 'Modi fans' also said that the excitement of meeting the prime minister is hard to fade away anytime soon. They also said that they are going to carry the Indian national flag all along in the plane and dubbed the flight as 'Modi Airlines' for the day. Excited Indians living in Australia reached the airport to board flight to Sydney and said that they can't wait more to listen and to meet their 'Rockstar PM'. Modi will reach Sydney on the second leg of his four-city tour of this country. He will be on a six-hour visit to Sydney before proceeding to Canberra tonight and later to Melbourne. More than 16,000 members of the Indian diaspora will pack Allphones Arena at Olympic Park to salute Modi at a community reception. About 5,000 more are expected to be watching the evening event on big screens outside. Meanwhile, more than 200 Modi fans left Melbourne bound for Allphones Arena tonight on a specially chartered train dubbed the "Modi Express." Nov 17, 2014

Australia to help create smart cities in India

Brisbane, Nov 17 (ANI): The Mayor of Brisbane, Lord Graham Quirk, offered to help Modi in the creation of his vision of smart cities in India, with smart water supply, sewage system and other aspects of important living standards. Quirk was speaking after a civic reception hosted by him and the Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, in honour of the Prime Minister of India. Quirk also said that the people of Brisbane rest hopes on Modi as he carries great responsibility. Expat Indians say they look forward to tie-ups between India and Australia. Prime Minister is on a three-country visit - Myanmar, Australia and Fiji - to participate in various summits and bilateral meetings. Nov 17, 2014

German envoy hopes for decision in interest of students in language row

New Delhi, Nov 17 (ANI): German envoy to India, Michael Steiner, hoped for a decision in the interest of students as the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, raised the language row issue in schools with Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in Brisbane. The Human Resource Development ministry decided to drop the German language in favour of Sanskrit for over 70,000 students across 500 Kendriya Vidyalayas from classes VI to VIII. The issue prompted German chancellor Angela Merkel to raise it with Modi who assured her of looking into it within the confines of the Indian education system. Nov 17, 2014

Farmers in Assam benefit from utilizing drip irrigation method

Assam, Nov 17 (ANI): 35-year-old Prasanta Boruah ventured into citrus cultivation in 2006. In 2011, he attended a training program on drip irrigation at Assam Agriculture University and installed a mini drip in his 3 acre citrus farm with 50 per cent subsidy given by the government. Since then, his yield has increased and he earns handsomely now. Drip Irrigation is a method that delivers water to the crop by using a network of lines with emission points spaced along their length. It results in very high water application efficiency as the dripper supplies a controlled uniform application of water and other required growth substances. The Assam Agriculture University in Jorhat conducts training programmes for farmers and scientists of various Krishi Vigyan Kendras to give awareness about the advantages of drip irrigation. The government is also giving high subsidies to farmers for installing drip in their farms. Nov 17, 2014

Sci-fi 'hoverboard' becomes reality

Ever since Marty McFly rode on one in 'Back to the Future Part II', fans have dreamed of having their own 'hoverboard'. That wish has now been granted, as engineers in Northern California have made the futuristic device a reality. Duration: 02:12 Nov 16, 2014

Autumn season draws tourists to Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov 16 (ANI): Tourists flocked Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday to enjoy autumn season in the valley as fallen crimson Chinar leaves covered streets. Dotted with Chinar trees mainly, Kashmir adores a unique look during this season as the leaves turn red before they fall. Director of Floriculture department Sunil Mishra said tourists flock Kashmir during this season as they love to experience sound of fallen leaves as one walks on it. The tourism industry has again picked up after the worst flooding, which hit the state in September, as tourists from across the world have started visiting the valley. Kashmir is considered as one of the best tourism destinations in the country with the hospitality of the valley well-known that adds to the popularity of the tourism sector. Nov 16, 2014

Latehar rally: Vote for BJP to usher in development, says Rajnath

Latehar, Nov 16 (ANI): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday while addressing a rally in Latehar District of Jharkhand appealed to people to vote for the BJP for an all-round development of the state. He advocated formation of same party governments at the Centre and state level for better coordination. Nov 16, 2014