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Weather department predicts heavy snowfall in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla/ Rajouri, Feb 03 (ANI): Meteorological Department (MeT) of Himachal Pradesh issued warning of heavy snowfall in the higher reaches of the state. The cold wave has gripped the entire state with the temperatures in higher alters reaching sub zero level. The director of weather department of Himachal Pradesh, Manmohan Singh said the state will receive heavy spell of snow. He added the day temperature will improve only after Tuesday but nights would continue to remain cold with mercury dipping further. Shimla, Kinnaur, Kullu, Manali, Chamba and Sirmaur regions of the state received snowfall on Monday. Meanwhile, the lowest temperature recorded at Keylong was minus 7.5 degree Celsius. The snowfall in northern states has brought cheers to the tourists but has added to the plight of passengers travelling on those routes with snow blocking many roads. In Rajouri district, people were seen clearing snow off the roads. Bulldozers were also put in use to make the way. Feb 3, 2015

Pakistani envoy hopes to bolster fragile ties with India through trade

New Delhi, Feb 03 (ANI): Pakistan ambassador to India, Abdul Basit hoped that some progress in trade ties between the two countries would help bolster a fragile peace process between the nuclear armed neighbours. Basit said that India needs to be flexible when it comes to Pakistan in terms of non-tariff barriers to trade. Basit also accused India of hardening its stand on Jammu and Kashmir when bilateral trade between the countries had seen a rise. In August last year, New Delhi withdrew from the planned peace talks in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, after Pakistan's Ambassador to India met Kashmiri separatists ahead of the meeting. Feb 3, 2015
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Chennai hosts 3 day India international leather fair

Chennai, Feb 03 (ANI): The India international leather fair is drawing huge crowd of customers, traders and exhibitors to Chennai city. The three-day 30th edition of India International Leather Fair 2015 was opened for business visitors from Sunday. The exhibition showcases entire range of products - from raw material to finished products and auxiliary products such as finished leather, shoes, shoe components, leather garments, fashion accessories and leather goods. General Manager of India Trade Promotion Organisation, V Kumar said the machinery and equipments displayed by foreign participants were in great demand among Indians. The domestic leather industry provides employment to about 2.5 million people. Feb 3, 2015
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Devotees from various faiths unite in J and K to seek blessings of a Sufi Saint on annual urs

Jammu and Kashmir, Feb 03 (ANI): Sufism in India has served to promote a common way of understanding the world. People from different faiths across the country congregate at Sufi shrines to pay their respects. One such instance can be witnessed during the Urs of Baba Nanga Baji Sahib in Rajouri, where people belonging to different faiths come together to celebrate the occasion. Every year Urs here is celebrated in high spirit and people irrespective of their caste come together to pay obeisance to the saint and get his blessings in return. The message of harmony comes out loud and clear at the mausoleum. And it simply reaffirms the fact that amity between different communities has been a way of life in India since ages, and it will continue to strengthen the social fabric in times to come as well. Feb 3, 2015
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Promoting brotherhood and amity, workers from different faiths work together

West Bengal, Feb 03 (ANI): Jagannathpur, Bakadaha, Bamunbandh villages of Bankura district in West Bengal houses people belonging to Hindu, Muslim and other communities. What clearly reflects from this fact that these people of different communities still prevails the age old tradition of communal harmony. This can also be witnessed during their working hours in farming fields. Here people belonging to both the communities work together in potato farming unit. Farmers here remain in constant touch and assist each other in their problems. These farmers of Bankura reflect the age-old cultural legacy of Indian state, and are a better path for other to imbibe. Feb 3, 2015
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Prosecutor's death brings down Argentina spy agency

The death of the prosecutor who investigated the deadliest bombing in Argentina's history provoked the downfall of the nation's spy agency, notoriously unreformed three decades after the end of the dictatorship. Duration: 03:00 Feb 3, 2015
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Alibaba's Ma happy to deal with regulators

Alibaba founder Jack Ma says says he's happy to deal with regulators after authorities accused the e-commerce giant of allowing "illegal" actions on its multi-billion-dollar online shopping platform. Duration: 00:53 Feb 3, 2015
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Food critic says Michelin not bible for Paris's top eateries

American food critic has put France's famed restaurant bible, the Michelin guide, to the test -- and found most of its top Paris listings not worth their exorbitant prices, with lesser-known upstart eateries offering far better value. Duration: 00:54 Feb 3, 2015
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Colombian guerrillas, government resume talks

Leftist FARC guerrillas resumed peace talks with the Colombian government Monday in Cuba, after a year-end break, to bring an end to the 50-year insurgency, but key issues remain unresolved. Duration: 00:51 Feb 3, 2015
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Merkel presses Orban's Hungary over NGOs, media

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed concern Monday at the treatment in Hungary of civil society groups and the media as she paid her first visit to Budapest under Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Duration: 00:29 Feb 3, 2015