three-killed-in-violence-in-bihar-after-missing-boys-body-found Play

Three killed in violence in Bihar after missing boy's body found

Azizpur, Jan 19 (ANI): Three people have been killed in clashes which broke out in Azizpur area of Muzaffarpur city of Bihar after a missing boy's dead body was found buried. More than 20 houses of a community were set ablaze during a clash and at least 7 people were injured during the violence. Police and senior officials reached the spot in time and controlled the situation. According to police sources, trouble between the members of two communities brewed after a boy eloped with a girl belonging to different community. Jan 19, 2015

Delhi police bust fake PMO website, arrest its mastermind

New Delhi, Jan 19 (ANI): Delhi police busted a fake Prime Minister's Office (PMO) website and arrested mastermind Sudipta Chatterjee, said a senior officer. Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police (Crime), Ravindra Yadav, said the website pretended to offer loans to young entrepreneurs after initial deposit of some amount and was based in Howrah. The scam website was hosted on a server in the US. Jan 19, 2015

Accidental landmine blast injures man in Kashmir

Rajouri, Jan 19 (ANI): A man sustained serious injuries after he accidentally stepped on a landmine, triggering blast, along the international border in Jammu and Kashmir. The victim identified as Sewa Ram said he had taken his cattle for grazing along the Line of Control (LoC) in Sarya village. Ram was rushed to the district hospital by the army personnel after giving him preliminary treatment. Doctor Abdul Salam Choudhary said that though the injury was severe but the victim's foot could be saved. It is a common practice for countries to hide landmines across their borders. Jan 19, 2015
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Malawi flood victims call for help

Survivors of floods in Malawi call for urgent help as they sift through the debris of their destroyed homes. A total of 176 people have been confirmed dead in the floods, with 153 missing and 200,000 homeless, according to officials. Duration: 01:13 Jan 18, 2015
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French flags burnt at Pakistan Charlie Hebdo protest

Protests against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo are held across Pakistan as thousands of people in almost all major cities chanted slogans against its printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Duration: 01:18 Jan 18, 2015
niger-police-fire-tear-gas-to-disperse-opposition-demo Play

Niger police fire tear gas to disperse opposition demo

Police in Niger fire tear gas to break up a banned opposition demonstration in the capital Niamey, a day after deadly riots over the publication by France's Charlie Hebdo magazine of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. Duration: 00:40 Jan 18, 2015
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Congress demands apology from Kejriwal over remark of voters taking money from parties

New Delhi, Jan 18 (ANI): Congress leader Ajay Maken said on Sunday that Congress party demands an apology from AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal over his controversial statement that voters can take money from any party but vote only for AAP. Maken said that Congress will even file a complaint with the Election Commission as Kejriwal has violated the Model Code of Conduct for instigating the voters. Maken said that Kejriwal should apologize to the people for hurting their self respect. Jan 18, 2015
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Special Cell apprehends two people in Delhi, ammunition recovered

New Delhi, Jan 18 (ANI): DCP of Special Cell, Sanjeev Yadav, said on Sunday that two people were apprehended from Welcome metro station in Delhi suspected of supplying ammunition for militant activities. He also said that the two suspects belong to Meerut and Nainital. Yadav added that ammunition were recovered from the two suspects as well as the place where they get supplied from, which is in Sitapur. Jan 18, 2015
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Kiran Bedi says PM Modi is her inspiration behind politics

New Delhi, Jan 18 (ANI): BJP leader and CM candidate Kiran Bedi on Sunday addressed the party workers on Sunday and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is her actual inspiration for joining politics. Bedi said that she wants to make Delhi a strong state as it has faced misgovernance in the past. She hit at Congress government and said that it was not a proper government for Delhi and BJP will now give a strong and stable government to the capital as well as nation. Jan 18, 2015
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Matter of pride, no grievances: AS Lovely on not contesting elections

New Delhi, Jan 18 (ANI): Congress leader Arvinder Singh Lovely said on Sunday that it was a matter of pride for him that the party thinks him worthy enough to take charge of organizational work in elections. Lovely said that he had no grievances regarding the work party gave him and said that he was confident of Congress' win in the upcoming polls in Delhi. He further clarified that he, Ajay Maken and Haroon Yusuf will together work towards making the polls a success for the party. Jan 18, 2015
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Arun Jaitley asks media to act responsibly towards important matters

New Delhi, Jan 18 (ANI): Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday called upon the media to act responsibly on matters of national security and sensitive issues. Jaitley made the comments while delivering the first Justice J. S. Verma Memorial lecture on the 'Freedom and Responsibility of Media' in New Delhi. He said the challenges before media were to ensure quality and credibility while reporting. Jaitley also advised media to avoid conducting parallel trials in reporting matters that were subjudice. Jaitley said there was an urgent need to debate issues relating to media freedom and responsibility. Jan 18, 2015