The celebrities from the film fraternity put a whole lot of sweat and blood to maintain the way they appear on the screen. Being a public figure and an inspirational icon for the youth and followers, they know that promoting a healthy lifestyle is their unsaid duty.

From extensive functional training, spending hours at the gym to dancing and opting for conventional fitness routes, Bollywood stars are known to put efforts into exercise regimes that help them stay in top shape.

international yoga day 2020

While the gym looks and lifting weights have been common now, there are few stars that have chosen yoga as a crucial part of their workout regimes. Though yoga is a form of fitness routine that has been promoted in our country from ages, it has made it's a firm grip on today's youth as well.

Through yoga, Bollywood stars get the desired shape, as well as the peace that is extremely crucial for their mental health. No matter how much you are sweating out in the gyms, nothing is as graceful as acing a complicated yoga asana.

international yoga day 2020

With the gyms closed and stars quarantined inside their houses, Yoga has become a natural choice for the celebrities. This year, the theme of International Yoga Day is "Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family" as due to the pandemic, we are restricted inside our houses.

But over the years, there have been many hot divas of Bollywood who have opted for yoga for its holistic whole-body workout but also to stay in shape after pregnancies. These beauties have maintained their chiselled body with Yoga, proving the age is just a number with its comes to a healthy lifestyle.

Rejoicing the International Yoga Day 2020, we bring to you the list of hottest yoginis of Bollywood, that will inspire you to include yoga in your routine.

1. Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora yoga

You say best curves in Bollywood, I say Malaika Arora. Being the brand ambassador of a healthy lifestyle for ages have been in the limelight for her picture-perfect body. She is one of those actresses who might not be making headlines because of her films but surely knows how to be in news with her killer looks and fitness regime.

Yoga pose

In the past, Malaika has always said that 'Yoga and workout are the ultimate mantras of her healthy life'. Chaiyaan Chaiyaan fame Malaika Arora's social media is filled with extensive yoga poses that will give you virtual nirvana. Malaika has expressed on various occasions that just by devoting 15 minutes a day, a person can stay fit and calm.

Co-founder of Diva Yoga, Maliaka has always considered yoga as her strong arm. She has constantly been sharing yoga postures and with a description to ace, in the past on her social media handle.

Malaika Arora yoga

From difficult headstands to simple Downward Dog position, Malaika has been famous for acing the yoga asanas, effortlessly. Even during the lockdown, she had an interactive online yoga session with Amrita Arora and some friends, making sure that she stays fit at home.

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan

kareena yoga

Bollywood's 'Poo' Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been known for her fitness regime ever since she brought the term 'zero-size' in industry. Bebo has always been someone who is comfortable in her own skin and believes in speaking her heart out. Bebo considers being healthy a very important aspect of life. Being a pure Punjabi girl, Kareena used to be a little chubby since the beginning.

Kareena Kapoor considers yoga as her fitness mantra, Check out her workout regime

Talking about her workout regime back in the days Kareena has once said that it was after her movie Don when she felt the need to add exercise into her day to day routine. In order to shed some extra pound and attain the desired body, Bebo turned towards Yoga. Swearing to follow yoga with her heart and soul, there was a time Kareena even used to do Surya Namaskar for 108 times, in a go. Apparently the Sun Sanitation or Surya Namaskar is her favourite Yoga Pose and she loves doing it.

Post her pregnancy, she again turned towards yoga which helped her in shedding the unwanted weight. Now, after the birth of Taimur, her Surya Namaskars has come down to 50 rounds in a go.

3. Shilpa Shetty

shilpa shetty

While gym looks and workout videos are trendy now, especially among the newbies of Bollywood, the divas of Bollywood in their forties have proved that Yoga is the ultimate way to achieve the fitness goals. Shilpa Shetty is one of those celebrities who turned towards yoga at the time when social media didn't even exist.

Shilpa has not only to enthral the audience with her acting skills for years but has also amazed the fans with a perfect hour-glass figure. Be it Sari or bikini, Shilpa can ace any outfit and the credit of her goddess-like body goes to Yoga.

Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa ShettyInstagram

Yoga is one of the main reasons behind her glow and sultry figure. Mrs Kundra's special yoga secrets and excellent fitness routine have inspired many of her fans especially working women. Fitness Freak Shilpa Shetty started from a YouTube channel where she used to post her yoga videos for fans and now she owns a personal fitness app 'Shilpa Shetty Fitness App'.

For the ones who think that getting a svelte body is not possible through yoga, might need to rethink as Shilpa Shetty as yoga enthusiast has certainly proved it otherwise.

4. Bipasha Basu

bipasha basu workout

Just like Shilpa Shetty, the sexy diva of Bollywood Bipasha Basu has also had her fitness goals set since the very beginning of her career. Not only because of her acting skills, but Bipasha Basu also gained popularity because of her workout regime.

From making aerobics trendy to launching her own fitness videos and training programmes, Bipasha not only focused on her perfect body but also on the health of her fans and followers.

bipasha basu yoga
Bipasha Basu doing yoga with her husband Karan Singh Grover

Even in her 40s, the diva not only kicking the butts with the extensive workout but also through Yoga. Amid the lockdown as well, Bipasha managed to lose some extra pounds and tone up her body by doing Yoga. She has been actively posting videos and pictures of her 'Workout at Home', inspiring all the fitness freaks.

5. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita sen workout

One actress that knows how to make people fall in love while doing yoga is surely Sushmita Sen. The ageless beauty of Bollywood, who entered the film fraternity after winning the crown of Miss Universe in 1994, is a bonafide yogini of the B-Town and there's no denying to that.

Yoga holds a vital position in her life and is one of the main reason behind the amazing transformation of Sushmita Sen.

sushmita and rohman

The mother of two has been posting several inspirational workout pictures and videos, that will motivate you to hit the gym. The way she flaunts her flexibility in difficult handstands and balances herself in extreme yoga postures is beyond inspirational.

Apart from spreading positivity through her workout post, Sushmita has been filling the hearts of her fans with love by doing Yoga with her boyfriend Rohman Shawl.

sushmita and rohman

Biwi no. 1 fame Sushmita, who is among the torch bearers of fitness revolution among b-town divas can be seen acing many difficult Yoga Asanas with partner Rohman Shawl in her social media posts. Be it Garb Asana or the balancing pose, Sushmita and Rohman have been raising the bar for all the other couple in the Bollywood.

6. Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi Fired
Mandira Bedi dropped from Romance.PR Handout

From being an actress, model to a cricket commentator and a bonafide fitness enthusiast, Mandira Bedi has surely come a long way. It is no secret that Mandira is a fitness freak and health and wellness is her priority. Be it functional training, pilates, cardio, swimming or aerobics, she has tried her hands on everything.

Amid the lockdown, she also turned towards yoga and nailed extensive poses. Headstands to other asanas, you name it and we can guarantee that Mandira can show you a perfect way to it. As per her social media posts, an hour of yoga amid the lockdown is a crucial part of Bedi's life.

7. Neha Dhupia


Neha has always been in the news for her movies, chat shows and of course her reality show 'Roadies', but being quarantined at home she emerged as one of the most sizzling yoginis of Bollywood. While many stars started working out at home and opted for pilates and aerobics, Neha flaunted her flexibility through Yoga.

Joining the bandwagon of the fitness freaks, Neha Dhupia has also shared a snap of herself acing a yoga posture. In the picture shared by Neha, she can be seen doing a yoga asana perfectly, at her home. Flaunting her flexibility, Neha captioned the picture with, "Locked in .... #yogainthetimesofcorona #lockdown #day4".