It's been a long 19-hour slog, but it's been an eye-opening one. This is Dean Williams signing out. Don't forget to follow our Post-Election blog. But I'll leave you with this...

Well that's it folks, against all predictions Donald Trump has won the US Election 2016, and now the hard work of rebuilding a divided nation begins. All the luck to Donald Trump and the Republican party

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Donald Trump's campaign manager is not rubbing it in...Oohhh noooo

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And thus begin the postmortems

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The Hispanic vote was large, but as it turned out, ineffective. There's little succour the Democrats can take from this. Literally...nothing.

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It's ironic if a man from Mitt Romney's 1% is carried to the White House by the 99% (and by that we mean blue collar voters).

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The Democrats are wandering off into the dark lonely night

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There's a lot of scaremongering going around on the news networks about what Donald Trump will do if and when he comes to power. I, personally, find it hard to believe that Trump will follow through with any of his more bizarre ideas like the Mexico Wall, the dismantling of all of Obamacare, and banning Muslims from entering the US. I foresee a far more nuanced man who'll promptly have his business hat on. Yes, trade deals will be in jeopardy, but then again, many of them should be.

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Hillary Clinton's supporters are looking increasingly downbeat, but she's not out of it yet. The races are so close they're unbelievable. As it stands, the electoral college votes look like this: Donald Trump 254 : 215 to Hillary Clinton (please note, we have called Wisconsin for Donald Trump. Some major TV networks like CNN, have not)

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The word Whitelash is being thrown about like a millennial's attention span. Allegedly it's what America has delivered tonight. #whitelash

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Hillary Clinton really rolled out the celebrities last night and over last week, and they don't seem to have made one jot of a difference. In fact, she probably gave Donald Trump another brickbat to beat her with after Jay-Z's performance. Donald Trump said he didn't need no guitar, maybe he was right

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The Republicans have held on to both the House of Representatives and the Senate. If Donald Trump wins, boy will he be given the keys to the mansion

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It's paramount to keep in mind here that Hillary Clinton can still win this. It will take an almighty push, but it can be done. So while questions are being raised about her performance viz-a-viz Barack Obama, she could still make history as America's First Woman President.

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Ladbrokes has revealed its final odds on the morning of the election day. And it was offering 3/1 on a Trump win – exactly the same price that was being offered for Leave on the morning of June 23, when Britain voted to leave the European Union.

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Clinton can't seem to catch a break. Trump keeps clawing back her lead in Pennsylvania. She really needs a win. Minnesota and Nevada should be hers, which will give her 16 electoral votes. Nowhere near enough

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In their attempt to take the senate, Democrats have held Nevada, but picked up only Illinois so far, and failed to pick up Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, and Florida. Waiting on New Hampshire, Missouri and Pennsylvania

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Now Donald Trump moves ahead in Pennsylvania. This night is getting worse for Hillary Clinton. Rumours that Donald Trump's supporters have been singing "we hate Muslims, we hate Blacks" have been proved to be false by media reporting from the ground at the venue.

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This is now beginning to feel like the slow painful death of a dream. One can only imagine what's going through Hillary Clinton's mind. It's hard to see where she goes from here IF SHE loses.

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A lot of people from over the pond are comparing a Trump victory to Brexit. Well, there's one major difference...if Trump wins, HE WILL be president! 

23:50pm IST

A lot of experts are calling this election rural America's assault on urban America, but that's a ridiculous oversimplification. We've also got to hand it to Trump who got out there, pulled back on his more idiotic tendencies to spout nonsense, and got the votes. Whether you love him or loathe him, the man's come out swinging.

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The story of this election

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A penny for Bernie Sanders' thoughts. The quintessential blue collar man. I reckon he would have done a lot better. But as they say: If my aunty had...

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Trump is now just 16 short of the MAGIC 270. Who'da thunk it!

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There's a party at the Trump Bar in Trump Towers

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Clinton has closed the gap in Michigan. This is good news, as the Democrats are now quite confident of overhauling the Republicans there. Many of these races are tightening as the numbers start coming in from urban centres that are traditional Blue hubs.

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Win or lose, the Democrats will have to seriously rethink their entire interaction strategy with white working class voters. This election was never supposed to be this close, but Trump has been saying all along that the predictions were wrong. Even filmmaker Michael Moore, who's from Michigan, has destroyed predictions of voting patterns in the Rust Belt claiming that they're way out of touch with the voter. This is a wake-up call for the Democrats at best, a soul-demolishing moment at worst.

11:16pm EST

As it stands Trump has 222 electoral votes to Clinton's 202

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Trump is now only 54 electoral college votes short of the Oval Office. He's on 216, Clinton is on 202

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Polls are about to close in California, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii (and part of Idaho). 

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Take yer red caps off and dance like no one's watching...for now

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MICHIGAN! MICHIGAN! Clinton absolutely HAS to take the state now

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John McCain (of the 2008 vintage) has been re-elected to the senate in Arizona. He was ahead pretty much the whole way. Eighty years old and has just won a sixth term.

22:50pm EST

We're keeping a close eye on New Hampshire, the state that heralded the political coming of Trump. He's leading, and a victory there would be a huge boost. Not like he currently needs one.

22:40pm EST

Clinton badly needs the Rust Belt to revert to form. Winning Virginia has brought her some breathing room, but she needs Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump has been harping about conquering the Rust Belt from the get-go, but everyone just stuck their fingers in their ears and went "la la la la la". 

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OK, so as it stands Clinton needs at least Michigan or Wisconsin to make it through, and she quite likely needs both. If she loses both, it's curtains! AND SHE'S TRAILING IN BOTH

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As far as the electoral college goes, Trump has now raced to 168. Clinton's on 131. Also you have to remember that no Republican has won Ohio and not made it to the White House, all the way back to Dickie Nixon. Portents? 

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It's now looking likely that Clinton will take Virginia, and breathe a huge, if short-lived, sigh of relief. This is a storming election for the neutral

22:13pm EST

In winning a state representative seat in Minnesota, Ilhan Omar has become the first Somali-American legislator elected in the US.

22:07pm EST

Global markets are getting very jittery. Donald Trump could win, the uncertainty is not good for futures especially

22:04pm EST

Donald Trump now needs only 120 more electoral college vote target (270) to park himself in the Oval Office. He's at 150 and Clinton trails at 122

22:02pm EST

Clinton has clawed her way back into the lead in Virginia (albeit a slim one). She really needs to win this seeing as how the other swing states are swinging towards Trump.

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The experts on TV are beginning to sweat. They're not showing it, but they are. All of a sudden Donald Trump has a number of paths to the White House. This was never meant to be so tight was it?  

21:46pm EST

Unsurprisingly, Republicans keep control of House of Representatives

21:39pm EST

The experts are starting to get very surprised. So much so they're spontaneously combusting through Tweets


21:37pm EST

It's time to smile, for the Trump camp. Very strong showing from their man indeed

21:32pm EST

It's 139 to 104 for Trump in the electoral college. Trump supporters are daring to believe, and a pall of gloom is descending over the Democrats

21:31pm EST

Hillary Clinton wins Connecticut, Trump wins Louisiana. But Trump leads in Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Virgina and New Hampshire. This could be very, very bad for the Democrats. What on earth is going on with them?

21:28pm EST

Clinton has now closed the electoral vote gap. She's up to 104, but still behind Trump who's at 129

21:24pm EST

A little bit of racism from Huckabee, in case there was a dearth

21:17pm EST

Here's why this election is defying all expectations

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Trump 139   --   97 Clinton

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We warned ya!

21:05pm EST

CNN is calling New York for Clinton; Trump takes North and South Dakota, Nebraska

20:59pm EST

Poll closings at 9pm ET include New York, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

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The Guardian is reporting that if the results end up incredibly close, we could end up with a repeat scenario of the 2000 election recount when the presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore was so narrow that Florida Election Code 102.141 mandated a statewide machine recount.

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A shout-out to the Little Guys from Ivanka Trump


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Trump is really fighting tooth and nail in Florida

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What's confounding a lot of experts is how close so many states are being run. Clinton can still wrap this up fairly early with wins in Florida and Ohio, but it's no longer a foregone conclusion

20:32pm IST

Trump is now ahead in electoral votes 76 to Clinton's 68

20:30pm EST

Trump takes South Carolina and Alabama, as expected

20:29pm EST

Things are not looking good for Trump in Ohio, North Carolina...and quite frankly...Florida

20:16pm EST

Clinton wins Missouri, Trump takes Tennessee

20:13pm EST

Senator Marco Rubio (remember him, he sweats a lot) of Florida  has just won his race for reelection.

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Clinton takes the electoral vote lead: Clinton 68 -- 67 Trump

US elections 2016

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Republican incumbent Rob Portman, who kept his distance from Trump as he ran for reelection in Ohio, has cruised to victory, beating former governor Ted Strickland

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Florida is going to do what it usually does and go down to the wire. The battle there is yo-yoing more than...ummm...a yo yo.

19:35pm EST

Polls close in Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Time to get serious

19:32pm EST

Numbers are at time of state being called

Vermont votes

19:30pm EST


19:28pm EST


Hillary Clinton 3  :  19 Donald Trump

19:26pm EST


19:22pm EST

Georgia is leaning heavily towards Trump as it would. Clinton was hoping for an outside shot, but boy, it's waaayyy outside. 

19:20pm EST

Florida has become exceedingly close, as was expected. The non-white vote is key for Clinton here.

19:17pm EST

The race is very close in Virginia, with Clinton in the lead. She should win Virginia, though maybe not as comfortably as she'd like

19:12pm EST

Trump leads in Florida, but Johnson has got 10% of the early vote. Oooooo Johnson

19:10pm EST

Numbers are at time of state being called

Indiana votes


19:08am EST

North Carolina court agrees to keep some polling booths open for as long as 60 extra minutes

19:05am EST

Numbers are at time of state being called

Kentucky votes

19:03pm EST

Incumbent senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat, has won reelection in Vermont, and senator Rand Paul has won reelection in Kentucky.

19:00pm EST


18:58pm EST

Most polling stations in New Hampshire would be closed at 7pm ET, too, but there's a move to keep some open in Dover. There's recent precedent: big turnout for the primaries in New Hampshire last February saw some sites held open late.

18:46pm EST

Reports are coming in of shots being fired outside a police station in Los Angeles. There are reports of injuries as well. We'll bring you more on that soon

18:41pm EST

We're going to be keeping a close eye on Johnson in New Hampshire who's currently got about 6.6% of the early vote. Could he put a spanner in what promises to be a close-run race? 

18:28pm EST

Kentucky, Indiana and New Hampshire have numbers trickling in, and all states should be favourable to Trump. Although Obama did take Indiana in 2008, that's been the exception that tested the rule

18:24pm EST

It's also important to watch how the independents Johnson and McMullin do. They could ostensibly drag votes away from either of the two frontrunners. So far Johnson's pulling in about 2% of the vote with McMullin less than 1%

18:21pm EST

Donald Trump takes an early lead in almost all states that have results coming in. I repeat, this is exceedingly early, so no reason to panic if you're a Clinton supporter; only a few thousand votes have been tallied in Kentucky and New Hampshire.

18:11pm EST

Kentucky is coming in at 78% to Trump!...with 10,000 votes counted, so stop celebrating or weeping, whatever it is you're doing right now 

18:04pm EST

Lots of positive chatter coming out of the Clinton camp. They seem to think 270 is done and dusted. But it ain't over till the #SwingStates stop swinging. Coming up, the final numbers. Brace yourselves, this could be one helluva ride

17:57pm EST

Here are the final exit polls before the Real McCoy. Enjoy!

First batch of exit poll for US Election 2016FT via Twitter

17:53pm EST

We're hearing that many voters have a negative view of the candidates — one in five Clinton voters said they chiefly oppose the other candidate, and 27% of Trump supporters said the same. And they call it Political Science.

17:50pm EST

We're almost there, and even though we'd like to say you ain't seen nothing yet, we'll Let Bachman and Turner do it for us

17:38pm EST

Not so fast Barack, you've still got a few months to go

President Barack Obama greets people before delivering remarks at a Hillary for America campaign event at the Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, North Carolina.Reuters

17:20pm EST

More technology problems. This time in Colorado.

17:13pm EST

This how you throw a party when you claim to be a billionaire

17:10pm EST

US stocks close higher on Election Day; Dow gains 72 points, S&P500 up 0.38%, NASDAQ up 0.53%

17:06pm EST

Have the elder Bushes voted for Hillary? What about the shrubs?

Rush Limbaugh (who's more conservative than most) has told the Washington Examiner: "I'm told that George W. Bush and Laura Bush voted for Hillary Clinton today!"

17:02pm EST

Clinton and Trump are going to be a mere two-minute walk away from each other. The fun!

16:56pm EST

Reuters is predicitjng  that this could be the largest voter turnout in five decades

16:55pm EST

There's all this talk about Hillary holding her victory acceptance shindig under a large glass ceiling and it being all poignant and fitting. But where did the term 'glass ceiling' come from? 

We've got the answer for you right here...sort of 

16:50am EST

Here's one channel that's not covering the US elections 2016 and thrilled about it

16:45pm EST


A Morning Consult/POLITICO Exit Poll conducted between October 18-November 8 among 6,782 early and Election-Day voters found this SHOCKER: 71% say they are feeling nervous, another 85% said they "just want it to be over", and 39% said they were depressed. Hmmm rocket science?

16:34pm EST

Here's how to party like David Plouffe

16:30pm EST

CNN is reporting that Utah officials report voting machine problems across the country. No one's sure if these "problems" are going to benefit Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

16:20pm EST

Trump update, just in case you were wondering what he was up to

16:16pm EST

When Clinton says she was never afraid of the FBI investigation

John Oliver says this...

16:08pm EST

When the New York Times puts out a speculative graphic saying Donald Trump could win the election by 10pm

16:01pm EST

Gun-toting gangs a security threat at polling places?

Politico is reporting that Democratic officials in Iowa have a legal strike team on standby to deal with what they say are Republican shenanigans at polling places around Des Moines. Having legal back-up on Election Day is a fairly standard practice in many places, but Polk County Democratic Party Chairman Tom Henderson said the threat is heightened this year due to voter suppression threats by gun rights activists.

15:58pm EST

In case you missed it: How the National Enquirer protected Donald Trump from a Playboy model's claims he cheated on wife Melania with her

15:56pm EST

Probably the best celebrity Tweet of the night

15:55pm EST

A brief guide to the last 5 US presidents

15:46pm EST

Some elections throw up a lot of serious issues that people spend hours Googling so they get a better understanding of the pivot. During this election, however, not so much

15:32pm EST

We're all pontificating about what if Hillary wins, or Donald wins. What on earth happens if neither of them gets to the magic number of 270? Well, no need to have a conniption: We've got your back right here 

15:28pm EST

Nevada judge rules against Trump lawsuit. Don't worry Donald there are 49 states left

15:26pm EST

Hillary is willing to let bygones be bygones (does she know something we don't?). But will Trump bury the hatchet if he loses? Probably, and you most likely know where.

15:18pm EST

Chance The Rapper led hundreds to early voting on Monday night in Chicago.Reuters

How Chance the Rapper played Pied Piper and guided a line of citizens to early voting

15:07pm EST

Scenes from the gravesite of Susan B Anthony are truly inspiring. If you don't know who she is CLICK HERE

14:55pm EST

Slate is experimenting with live votecasting (which is basically exit polls on steroids). VoteCastr is giving Clinton a four-point lead in the crucial state of Florida, with 48% of support vs Trump's 44% 

14:46pm EST

Trump supporters must have a sinking feeling in the pits of their stomachs right now. Chins up folks, here's an American classic to cheer you up

14:42pm EST

So from the experts prattling on TV and reporters searching for sound bytes under every rock, all waiting for the numbers to start pouring in, what we can gather is this...

1) The high Hispanic voter turnout is very good for Hillary's prospects

2) Support for Trump in the Armed Forces and among first responders is strong

3) This election could see a low Black voter turnout (which could hurt Hillary)

4) Most established polls are predicting an easy win for Hillary (the TV stations, however, are still selling the nailbiter...obviously)

14:39pm EST

Voting issues in North Carolina

The Durham County Board of Elections has unanimously recommended that voting should be extended in the county by 90 minutes after a glitch in the electronic voter check system. Because of the issue, the county was forced to switch to paper roll books.

14:31pm EST

Former WWE wrestler Ric Flair leaves it in no doubt who he thinks is top dog in these elections

14:22pm EST

107-year-old Donella Wilson, daughter of slaves, says she's looking forward to first woman president

14:19pm EST

Of course Christina Aguilera did something different

14:15pm EST

The celebrities are out in force

14:12pm EST

Here's Matt McGory of Orange Is the New Black fame

14:09pm EST

Remember Jessica Alba?

14:05pm EST

14:03pm EST

Canada recently stated it wanted to up migrant numbers, but did they mean THIS

13:52pm EST

Ooooo Bernie's mad! 


13:51am EST 

Here come the exit polls

Voters want a "strong leader"Politico - Twitter

13:48pm EST

WTF MOMENT: Charles Koch, one-half of the Koch duo, said he thought it's possible Clinton may make a better president. This coming from a man who later added that voting Democrat would amount to "blood libel". 

13:43pm EST

13:39pm EST

#BootyQueens: Stopping people voting since 2016


13:33pm EST

Who is Susan B Anthony and why are people flocking to her grave after voting?

13:21pm EST

Here's the Drive-By Truckers with their politically-charged What It Means

13:16pm EST

Election clerks fired in Florida

Two election clerks in Broward County, Florida, were fired after "not working to the level of integrity they were trained to", and were quickly replaced, Broward County Board of Elections PIO Tonya Edwards tells CNN. Edwards said the clerks were not "adhering to procedures," but wouldn't say what rules were being violated.

13:10pm EST

Chance the Rapper with fans from a free concert at an early voting location the night before the election

13:06pm EST


13:01pm EST

Daddy's boy redux

12:57pm EST

Trump tremors

CNN is reporting that the legal team for the Trump campaign is laying the groundwork for potential legal challenges lawyers have gone to state court in Nevada in an early vote dispute. In legal briefs filed last night, Trump lawyers are asking for relief in case "the election of presidential electors from the State of Nevada is contested".

They are suing Joe P Gloria, the Clark County Registrar of Voters, over a decision, they allege, he made to keep polling locations open "two hours beyond the designated closing time". The lawsuit targets polling places in greater Las Vegas that have larger minority voting precincts.

12:50pm EST

And here's Nate SIlver's final prediction of the day. And Hillary's storming to victory

12:47pm EST

Hey Joe!

12:33pm EST

Is this the rise of the 'Global Girlfriends Network'?

Angela Merkel has told the Associated Press that a victory for Hillary Clinton would be a step toward gender balance among world leaders. She swiftly reiterated that "there isn't some kind of global girlfriends network that wants to rule the world", just in case all the men in the world started panicking. #GGN

12:26pm EST


"My message to every American is simple: Get out there and vote." —President Obama #ElectionDay

A photo posted by The White House (@whitehouse) on Nov 8, 2016 at 8:59am PST

12:21pm EST

Folks the US presidential election 2016 #JustGotReal. Time to fill up that Blank Space (sorry I couldn't resist)


12:18pm EST

The lost dog that reached across the aisle

12:13pm EST

Hillary Clinton wins the vote on the U.S. island of Guam, reports the Pacific Daily News. The US citizens in Guam casting ballots totaled 32,071. Clinton received 71.63% of the vote, while Trump received 24.16%. Socialist candidate Emidio Soltysik, the only third-party candidate on the ballot, took in 4.22% of the vote.

Just in case you're wondering where the heck Guam is...check this out. It's rather nice

12:06am EST

An unidentified technical snafu in Washington County, Utah, has affected voters in all 37 polling locations in the county, CNN is reporting.

Mark Thomas, Utah's director of elections, said that there are problems in all of the counties with voting machines, but he wasn't able to specify the precise problem. The problem could affect as many as 50-thousand registered voters in the county who have not yet voted. About 30-thousand people voted early.

12:01pm EST

It's just a little over six hours till the first statewide polls close folks. Don't give up now, we know it's been a long year, but we're on the home stretch. After that we can get back to filibusters, partisanship and all those other fun Beltway hobbies 

11:57am EST

THIS JUST IN: A national voter protection hotline has received thousands of calls this morning, according to The Guardian, from citizens who are struggling to cast their vote in what campaigners are calling a "perfect storm" of attempts to disenfranchise minority voters.

11:55am EST

GOP VP pick Mike Pence gets all eco-fit on us and arrives to vote on a bicycle 

11:51am EST

11:44am EST

When will the US election results be announced?