US Elections
Voters head to the polls during the U.S. presidential election in St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S. November 8, 2016Reuters

The US elections has been a long and bitter race and the outcome is only a few hours ago. If you're one of those waiting for the US presidential election results, here's when the results are expected to be out.

The polling ends at different times in various states. The results will be out a few hours after polling is over at all states. 

In Alaska, polling booths will be open until 1 am EST. It is the last state where votes will be cast.

A map of the US states with its polling times can be seen below. All timings are given in local time format.

For India, the last vote will be cast at 11.30 am on Wednesday. However, the results will be known before that, with results from larger states like Pennsylvania, and swing states like Florida, Iowa coming in. 

According to speculations, if Florida votes in favour of Hillary Clinton, she will emerge the victor of the long race. Usually, results are expected around 4-5 am on November 9. 

Here is a list of swing states and how early votes have been cast.