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A new beverage called "Bulletproof coffee" is now the latest trend in the USA as it claims to aid shedding weight and improve one's mental health.

Here are 7 interesting facts about this new craze:

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1. This drink is invented by Dave Asprey, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Daily Mail reported. Asprey, 43, during his visit to Tibet for a trek, tasted a traditional tea that included yak-butter.

2. The traditional Tibetan tea motivated Asprey to invent his own version of beverage, which he created by adding butter and a special oil -- medium-chain triglyceride – which is derived from coconut oil. He started having this coffee instead of his breakfast and claimed of losing a significant amount of weight with ease, the phenomenon is known as 'keto weight loss'.

3. Many others who started having Bulletproof coffee have stated that the beverage not only helped them in losing weight but also their improved their mental health. This phenomenal success turned the special drink into a multi-million-dollar industry.

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4. According to Asprey, the Bulletproof coffee works by triggering the metabolism rate of the body, while the special oil acts as a fat cutter around the abdomen region.

5. "At almost 500 calories a cup, you're certainly not consuming fewer calories than you would eating a normal breakfast," explained Dr Trudi Deakin, a consultant to the NHS on the prevention and management of diabetes, as per a report by the Daily Mail.

"But because Bulletproof doesn't contain carbohydrates, it means that your body doesn't trigger an insulin response which tells the body to store fat," Dr Deakin explained further.

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6. This new trend has left all the health experts doubtful about the health benefits of this buttery coffee.

According to Dr Dreakin, it's not a good idea to substitute nutrient-rich healthy breakfast with something like this as breakfast provides the body with the health-boosting micro-nutrients.

7. Apart from commoners going crazy over this new trend, celebs like David Beckham and Ed Sheeran are also fans of this Bulletproof coffee, according to a Daily Mail report.