Eman Ahmed, obese, world's heaviest woman,
Eman Ahmed, world's former heaviest Egyptian woman aged 36.Reuters

Eman Ahmed, who was known as the world's heaviest woman, passed away in Abu Dhabi's Burjeel Hospital on Monday, September 25.

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The Egyptian woman had undergone weight loss treatment in Mumbai's Saifee hospital and was discharged.

Eman's sister Shaimaa Salim was initially thankful to the Indian doctors for treating her, but later said she was not happy with her sister's treatment. She was grateful again when Eman left India.

Eman Ahmed, 37, who weighed over 500 kg at one point of time, passed away on Monday at 4:35 am due to several health conditions.

These included kidney dysfunction and heart disease, as per the revelations made by doctors at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi to The National.

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She was provided a special visa so she could come to India in February this year and undergo weight loss treatment in Mumbai's Saifee hospital, and was discharged in May when she left for Abu Dhabi for long-term treatment at the Burjeel Hospital.

"Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to her family,'' an AP report quoted the Burjeel Hospital as saying.

Eman's sister Shaimaa Salim had made news after shouting at the hospital and Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who was Eman's bariatric surgeon, as she believed the doctor was pushing Eman tpwards brain-death.

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According to Dr Lakdawala, Shaimaa was making false accusations and was creating a ruckus unnecessarily because of monetary issues and because she wanted to take Eman back to Egypt because of it.  

Eman had lost around 250 kg by April 21 after weight loss treatment in Mumbai. Shaimaa later thanked the hospital for carrying out a successful treatment.

"I am thankful to India and the doctors in India for helping my sister," Shaimaa had stated.


"Eman is fine and is doing good. She has recovered well and only a CT scan is to be done to ascertain her neurological condition," Dr Lakdawala had said according to an ANI report.


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When Eman was leaving for Abu Dhabi, special arrangements were made for her. A green corridor was created from Saifee Hospital to Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport's Gate No 5 of Terminal 2 for making her travel easy.