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A recently conducted study has found that people who consume a healthy breakfast are likely to have a healthier BMI compared to those who skip it.

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Here's all you need to know:

1. Around 50,000 people, who were Seventh Day Adventists, were surveyed for more than seven years. The research led to the finding that we should have a healthy breakfast as doing so would prevent obesity and enhance our metabolism.

2. The study advises people to have a good breakfast, lesser lunch and no or very little food for supper.

"I always tell people not to eat close to bedtime, and to try to eat earlier in the day," said lead researcher Marie-Pierre St-Onge, who is an associate professor of nutritional medicine at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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3. Instead of consuming unhealthy food such as bagels, doughnuts, etc having good carbs like steel-cut oatmeal is advised by Jennifer Stagg, naturopathic physician and author of the book Unzip Your Genes. Oatmeal takes time to digest, its fibrous and filling, which triggers your body's metabolism rate.

"People who eat good carbs like oatmeal have more energy, reduced sugar cravings, lose more weight, and even have more regular bowel movements," said Stagg, as quoted by

4. You can top the oatmeal with fruits and nuts, quinoa and almond milk. It would keep you filled and also act as a good source of energy, avoid adding sugar if possible. 

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5. Eating healthy carbs like oatmeal will keep you filled for longer duration and prevent overeating.

6. The researchers carried out experiments on humans as well as animals, they found that skipping breakfast makes one more prone to obesity, diabetes, and impaired metabolism.

7. The timing of meals is likely to deplete the risk factors for heart disease, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, according to a report by the New York Times.

Therefore make it a habit to have breakfast and other meals at the right time to stay in good shape, have a good metabolism rate and great health.