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The Kapil Sharma Show is undoubtedly one of the most popular comedy shows on Indian television. For the last nine weeks, the show has been entertaining its viewers with its hilarious and spontaneous gimmicks and has managed to remain in the list of Top 5 shows on Indian television. But do you know what exactly happens backstage?

International Business Times India got in touch with Sourabh Prajapat, a 23-year-old YouTube Vlogger and digital marketing professional and a die-hard fan of The Kapil Sharma Show, who shared some interesting backstage secrets of The Kapil Sharma Show with us.

Hailing from Udaipur, Rajasthan, Sourabh had been following up on the show ever since Kapil Sharma hit the stage with Comedy Nights With Kapil in 2013. The show was something which used to bring him together with his family, sit with them and share laughter together. The show had left a good impact on his family which prompted him to make some efforts to reach out to the show's team to be a part of the live audience of The Kapil Sharma Show.

So far, Sourabh has been a part of four live shoots after sending multiple emails to the show's management team. Recently, he got a chance to witness the ever high energy of the two livewires Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt when they promoted Gully Boy on The Kapil Sharma Show. The shooting mainly takes place at Goregaon Film city where the set of the comedy show has been erected.

Being a part of the live audience of The Kapil Sharma Show, Sourabh learnt a great deal about how the show functions and how Kapil Sharma along with the rest of the team interact with the audience.

Sharing some of the interesting backstage secrets of The Kapil Sharma Show exclusively with IBTimes India, Sourabh also highlighted the rude behaviour of the show's staff and how they treat the audience which apparently Kapil is unaware of.

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt on The Kapil Sharma Show
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- "They shoot for 7–8 hours long and it is shown only edited 45 mins on TV and 25 mins for Youtube "Andekha Episode"."

- "We should salute to the writers of the Kapil Sharma's show because it's not really very easy to make punches and funny acts with new jokes and also write stand up script for Kapil for two episodes per week. So we have to give 50 per cent credit to writer also."

- "The show is scripted like every show on TV."

- "Artists of the show do a rehearsal in vanity van together and then they come on stage to perform."

- "Kapil Sharma and Kiku Sharda are good in remembering script while Sumona Chakraborty, Bharti Singh, Krishna Abhishek and Chandan Prabhakar need a prompter to check after their some lines."

Bharti Singh, The Kapil Sharma Show
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- "His mother is present in every live shoot if she is in Mumbai. Kapil respects his mother so much and even cracks some jokes on her, like recently in Ranveer Alia shoot started at 5 pm and her mother has come late in shoot, he said "Mumi tu jaldi aaya kar warna media wale chaap denge ki dekho ab to Kapil kya Kapil ki maa bhi show par late aati hain."

- "Navjot Singh Sidhu has no great job in the show. He just comes and recites his shayri which is also written by writers and sometimes he take retakes if he missed any lines. Shayari is written on a tab which is kept on Sidhu's desk but not shown on TV."

- "Kapil has recently started video calling his wife Ginni on the sets and tell the audience to greet her as bhabhi. It was fun when he did a video call and all audience shouted Bhabhi Bhabhi on the set."

- "Questions are pre-planned and they select a few people from the audience whom they ask what you will answer if Kapil will ask these questions to them. And whoever they find funny, they select them and give them numbers and tell them to stand when Kapil ask them questions. But the answers are not scripted and even the humour of Kapil is not scripted."

- "Kapil's team asks Kapil to dance with the audience to make them feel comfortable."

- "Mobile is strictly prohibited in the show."

- "Kapil entertains the audience by singing and by calling someone from the audience and making fun of the guests if they arrive late on the sets."

- "Kapil is very humble and respects the celebrity guests and Sidhu so much. It is the media which shows wrong news to people and then people judge Kapil's behavior by some fake negative news to degrade his popularity."

Kapil Sharma, Sudeep, Navijot SIngh Sidhu
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- "Kapil touches Sidhu's feet when they first meet on the sets. This also shows how much he respects him and he also asks the audience to tell him directly if they are facing any problem."

- "I have noticed he is not bad, but Kapil's staff is rude to the audience. Because of that, audience blame Kapil but the truth is that he doesn't know the reality that how his crew members behave with the audience. Sometimes they do not even allow to go to the washroom even in an emergency."

- "I have seen that one of member of Kapil's team did not allow two boys inside the studio. They sat outside the studio. When Kapil got to know about the incident, he called those boys in his vanity van after the show and said sorry to them and clicked selfies."

- "The first thing Kapil does on the sets is Ganpati Pooja before starting shooting."

- "He loves dogs. He has one dog which he brings on the shoot sometimes and plays with him during breaks."

Kapil Sharma
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- "Kapil and Navjot Singh Sidhu sometime use "BC" (abusive words) while having a conversation when mics are off but it is audible to the audience."

- "Kapil is suffering from slip disc from the last two years and the doctor has advised him not to shoot for longer durations but still, he is so hardworking that he shoots for 8-9 hours twice a week."

- "Most of the shoots happen between Monday to Friday, while Saturday and Sunday is a holiday for the show's crew.

- "The set of The Kapil Sharma Show was nearby the rival show Kanpur Wale Khurana hosted by Sunil Grover, yet they didn't meet each other."