Kannada Actress Hemashree Was Brought Dead, Says Farmhouse Owner

The mystery behind Kannada TV actress Hemashree death is taking a new turn. The owner of the Anantapur farm house in Andhra Pradesh, where the actress was reportedly going to along with husband Surendra Babu, told Hebbal police that Hemashree was brought dead. Oct 14, 2012

'Maattrraan' Movie Review: Brothers Save the World from Cruel Farther

As the family goes, so goes the nation and the world we live in, Director KV Anand might have taken this thought forward, while scripting the plot of "Maattrraan." He has sought to narrate serious repercussions of robust growth of science of genetics and its diabolic bearings concerning a nation's generation. He typically begins the story from a family and gradually builds up the conflict to global level. Oct 13, 2012

Rihanna Goes Unapologetically Topless for Her New Album [PHOTOS]

Rihanna has gone topless for the cover of her new album which is scheduled for release next month. The Umbrella hitmaker has posted her topless photo with words like - censored, fearless, victory, faith, diamonds, unapologetic, happy and chalice - scrawled all over her bare body. Oct 12, 2012

Friday Releases: 'Aiyyaa', 'Bhoot Returns', & 'Makkhi'

Bollywood fans are gearing up for a fun-filled weekend with four new Hindi movies set to hit screens on Friday. This week, movie fans have a variety of choices between horror, a love-triangle flick, graphical extravaganza, and a romanti comedy. Oct 11, 2012