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Enakkul Oruvan Audio Launch

Its a special event for the team of 'Enakkul Oruvan'. The new film starring Siddharth and Deepa Sannidhi in the lead. It is Santosh Narayanan who was the star of the event, releasing his Music for a star studded crowd and fans. The special guest for the event was actress Samantha. Its a well known fact that Samantha did not attend even the Audio release of Surya's Anjaan, but was seen charming and confident, closer to Siddharth. Sep 8, 2014
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Blake Lively reveals she wears perfume even in pajamas

New Delhi, September 8 (ANI): Blake Lively has revealed that she wears perfume even when she walks around in her pajamas. She said that putting on fragrance was one of the very few things she did every day, People Magazine reported. The face of Gucci Premiere fragrances, who put on her perfume after brushing, continued that she always has fragrance on even when she is not wearing makeup or her hair is not done. Sep 8, 2014
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I like the idea of female Ghostbusters: Bill Murray

New Delhi, September 8 (ANI): Bill Murray has revealed that he would love to see a group of female characters suit up for Ghostbusters 3. Speaking at the Toronto Film Festival, he said that a different take on the movie would be a "grand idea", a web portal reported. He said that the idea sounds great to him and there are a lot of women that could scare off any kind of vapour and that he would watch that movie. Sep 8, 2014
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How to become a music director in 6 months: The SJ Surya way

In our earlier buzz, you saw news about Isai and how Actor, director SJ Surya became a music director. In this buzz, we will tell you what it took for him a to become a music director in 6 months. Its not an easy job though. "I practiced sincerely for about 10 hours every day. I spent more time on learning the guitar and piano" said he, who also sang the title track for the film, which is natural if you are venturing in to something new but rewarding. Sep 8, 2014
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Roja filing for divorce?!

Roja, who has been a leading actress in Kollywood and Tollywood, has been in the news these days. The most recent cause was due to her divorce rumours that were making rounds. There were rumours that Roja seeking divorce from her filmmaker husband Selvamani. Sep 8, 2014
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Mary Kom First Weekend Box Office Collection: Record Money

The biopic based on the life of boxing champion, Mary Kom, which released this Friday, has made a good collection at the Box office. The producers are pretty happy with the money that the movie has made till now. According to sources, the film collected about 17.25 crore in just two days. Sep 8, 2014