Olsen Twins jointly played the role of Michelle Tanner in 'Full House'
Olsen Twins jointly played the role of Michelle Tanner in 'Full House'Screenshot/Youtube

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who jointly played Michelle Tanner in the ABC classic "Full House", will not be reprising their role in the the Netflix spinoff, "Fuller House".

The creators and even Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) have taken the high road and given supportive statements regarding the twins' decision to not come back. However, the fans do not feel the same way, with many posting angry and sad messages on social media. 

Cynthia Pham (@cynpham) said, "The Olsen twins didn't make it to the reunion of Full House..seriously. That show launched their careers and they couldn't find time!!"

James Evans Jr. ‏(@dontcallmeJJ) says "...I'm just sayin Olsen Twins. Everything you have is because of Full House... the least yall could do is show up. Show some respect!!!"

Badgirlbribri (@JuicyCouturier) posted, "I pretty much lost all interest in the Full House reunion after learning the Olsen twins aren't coming back".

Bailey (@baileyh317) tweeted, "Tbh I've been sad all day and half of it is probs from the fact that the Olsen twins will not be on the full house spin off".

Meanwhile, many others are suggesting replacements for the Olsen twins and one main contender for the role is their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen.

Q.Bea (@Bea_VioletBud) said, "NGL...I would support Elizabeth Olsen (the talented actress on the family) playing Michelle on ''Fuller House'' since the Twins won't". Users like Sam ‏(@xoSamanthaMaria), Elizabeth Buckeye ‏(@Egbuckeye), Brittany Reid ‏(@GiveLovenoHate) and Marty Begovich TFO ‏(@martybegovich) also agrees with her.

However, if the creators decide against casting Michelle Tanner, "Fuller House" would still do fine. TJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) could tell her children how their successful Auntie Michelle is working on an exotic land far away.

Moreover, why not rejoice over the return of other beloved characters, like Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner, Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler, Dave Coulier as Joey and Bob Saget as Daddy Tanner, instead of mulling over the absence of the Olsen twins? 

"Fuller House" is set to air the 13-episode Season 1 on Netflix in 2016.