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Jennifer Aniston reveals Justin Theroux's late night pranks

New Delhi, Nov 27 (ANI): Jennifer Aniston has revealed how her prankster finace Justin Theroux loves to scare her out of the blue. During her appearance on 'The Talk', she said that only days back Justin, who makes her laugh all the time, had hid in the closet for 20 minutes, literally, a web portal reported.She continued that it was when they were shutting down the house at night before going to bed, she got caught up in cleaning up, and when she finally came to the bedroom after 25 minutes, he jumped out of a closet. She also laughed off the constant tabloid rumors, saying that she doesn't pay heat to such stories, adding that Justin was her "creative crush" and was "just brilliant" at everything he did. Nov 27, 2014
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Masss eyeing Summer Release!

Masss will be ready by March 27, for summer release, but might clash with the cricket world cup finals, so the film makers are also considering a later schedule which is the tamil new year. we believe that this time, surya will not dissapoint his fans. Nov 27, 2014