Selena Gomez

It is believed that girls tend to seek out partners who resemble their father, and this was proved correct by Selena Gomez, whose boyfriend The Weeknd resembles her father Ricardo Joel Gomez.

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A meme doing the rounds shows a photograph of Selena and The Weeknd along with that of her parents when they were young, and the resemblance is uncanny. "When you realize that Selena and The Weeknd looks just like Selena's parents when they were younger," the wording on the photograph reads.


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Gomez and The Weeknd got together last month, just a couple of weeks after he called it quits with Bella Hadid. They recently went on a lavish Italian vacation that is believed to have cost them nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

They were photographed enjoying a romantic evening in Florence, Italy, late last month, and according to an ET eyewitness, the duo couldnt keep their hands off each other. "Selena acted very sweet and very loving towards The Weeknd... He made her laugh and she was completely focused on him," the source said. "It was like no one else existed -- just the two of them. They were completely immersed in one another."

Gomez was previously involved with Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber. Gomez recently teased the release of a new song, and fans have been speculating that it is about her romance with Bieber. She teased a snippet of the track on her Instagram story where she is heard singing, "I had a dream, we were back to 17, summer nights... never growing up." Interestingly, Gomez first met Bieber when she was 17.