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Kim K doesn't smile in pics due to wrinkles

New Delhi, Dec 31 (ANI): Kim Kardsahian recently admitted that she doesn't smile in pictures as she believes that smiling causes wrinkles. She posted a picture of her with cute smile with Shamari Maurice on Instagram and mentioned that she do flashes her teeth on camera on occasion, but not too often as because it causes wrinkles, a web portal reported. She must have captioned the picture in sarcastic manner as she was seen many times flaunting her smile and laugh plenty of times in her reality show 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'. Dec 31, 2014
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Justin Bieber tops least desirable celebrity neighbor of 2014 list

New Delhi, Dec 31 (ANI) : A man, who claimed that Justin Bieber's goons had beaten him up bad at a Southampton nightclub, is taking legal action on the matter and demanding big bucks from the singer. According to an online portal, police were looking into the 20-year-old pop star's crew after the violent brawl last year at South Pointe nightclub that had allegedly left 22-year-old Wayne Rennalls injured. The officers didn't approach Bieber as he was not involved in the matter, but in a new lawsuit Rennalls has said that since the 'Never Say Never' singer's security team was on his payroll, he should pay for the damage. In addition to this, ha has also complained about the club for allegedly slipping drinks to then 19-year-old Bieber. Dec 31, 2014
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Jessica Alba finds diets 'boring'

New Delhi, Dec 31 (ANI): Jessica Alba, who has always been in great shape, has admitted that she has gained weight but she finds diets "boring". She asserted that life is too short to deprive oneself and she could not get through a meeting without candy, a leading daily reported. Whilst talking about her exercise regimes, she said that she didn't appreciate working out when she was in her 20s and working out was purely for work, and it was just "brutal". She told a magazine that she is a little "squishy" right now but she did not care. Dec 31, 2014