Planet Earth II
When a giraffe takes down a lionYoutube screenshot/ Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II viewers were left spellbound after a giraffe made heroic efforts to fight off a pride of desert lions.

The episode showed some spectacular footage of how the lions trapped a giraffe after lying in wait for a prey. But what followed was totally unexpected, as the giraffe managed to escape from the pride.

The fourth episode of the BBC series focused on the deserts of Africa, the American west and South America, and viewers were made to wait less than five minutes before they were taken on a brutal hunt.

The episode showed some spellbinding clips of the desert where a giraffe was stalked by the lionesses who had spent three days looking for a prey. While some chased it towards the open ground, another big cat came from behind and charged at the herbivore. However, the giraffe unexpectedly exercised its strength and knocked the lion to the side. It then trampled on the lion and simply ran away. 

Viewers were left awestruck by the sequence and took to Twitter to express their wonder.

Planet Earth II airs every Sunday at 8pm on BBC1.