Hajj: Why Saudi Arabia is stepping up security for this years pilgrimage

Disaster struck in September 2015 as two groups of pilgrims collided at a crossroads of two a narrow streets killing at least 2,426 people. There are various factors that affected the stampede including: pilgrims rushing to complete the time-sensitive rituals, heat and exhaustion, masses of people pushing in opposite directions, and confusion of first-timers. This hasnt been the only incident; hundreds of other pilgrims have been killed during the same ceremony in years past but 2015’s disaster was the deadliest at Mina since 1990 when 1,426 people died. This year Saudi Arabia have to step up security after Iran called its organisers incompetent. Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional rival, blamed the disaster on organisers’ incompetence straining international relations. Sep 7, 2016