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In a horrific incident, a 26-year-old man was bludgeoned to death after he slapped a person for  urinating in front of his house in the national capital.

The deceased, identified as Lilu, had stopped an elderly man from urinating in front of his house and slapped him. The man's two sons came to Lilu's house following which a scuffle broke out. The accused picked up a big cement slab from the street and hit Lilu on the head until he become unconscious.

Lilu was rushed to the AIIMS trauma centre where he was declared dead on arrival. The incident took place on Sunday (June 2) night in south Delhi's Govind Puri area. 

The police explained to NDTV that the incident hapened when there was a power cut in Lilu's locality. Lilu and his wife, Pinky, were sitting in the verandah of their house during the power outage when the man came up to the compound wall of Lilu's house and began urinating.

Lilu had reportedly gone to the man and asked him to stop urinating which the man refused. In a fit of anger, Lilu slapped the man.

"Soon the two sons of the elderly man came to their father's rescue and a fight broke between Lilu and them," Chinmoy Biswal Deputy Commissioner of Police was quoted as saying.

Biswal added that one of the sons then picked up a cement slab lying on the street and kept hitting Lilu with it till he lost consciousness.

"The victim was rushed to the AIIMS trauma centre where he was declared brought dead. We have identified the accused persons, who also suffered injuries during the fight. We will get them soon," Biswal said.

The accused has been charged by the police under for murder under the Indian Penal Code.

Police records suggest that Lilu had built up a bad reputation for himself and had quite a number of cases against him. He was associated with several cases of snatching and robbery.