nasa, Apollo 17, hoax, conspiracy theorist,
Screenshot/ Streetcap1

Ever since the Apollo moon landing, sceptics have frequently come up with theories questioning it   and some even claimed the whole mission was staged drama as part of propaganda during Cold War.

The latest in line of these Moon Mission busters is a claim by conspiracy theorists who called moon landing a hoax. A new image posted on YouTube by UFO hunter Streetcap1 alleges that moon landing was staged.

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A picture, which is claimed to have taken in December 1972, was posted by the Streetcap 1, titled "Reflection in a Visor." The conspiracy theorist running the YouTube channel Streecap1 made claimed that reflection of a stagehand could be seen on an astronaut's helmet.

nasa, Apollo 17, hoax, conspiracy theorist,
YouTube screenshot/ Streetcap1

It also said that the reflection of a man can be seen in the visor of an astronaut's spacesuit. On analysing the reflection closely using software, Streetcap 1 stated that it appeared that the man in the reflection was not wearing any spacesuit.

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"I thought it looked a bit strange, so I took a picture of it using my software," Streetcap 1 revealed in the video.

"A figure of a human not wearing a spacesuit, circa early 70s... Apollo 17 photograph," he added.

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nasa, Apollo 17, hoax, conspiracy theorist,
YouTube screenshot/ Streetcap1

According to the speculation of Streetcap1, the man in the astronaut's helmet appeared to be a one with long hair.

"You can see some sort of, it looks like a man, back in the early 70s, long hair, wearing some sort of waistcoat-type thing... and a shadow of that figure presumably," he added in the video.

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The comments on the video show mixed reactions of the viewers.

"Geez. The moon landing was real folks. Unbelievable. Don't you think that a fake photo would have been spotted in the last 37-38 years? Clearly a distorted astronaut. Entertaining though. :)," Eric Kirk stated.

"Pretty earth-shaking for a believer in the landing," said another viewer named Kati Obrien.

Launched on December 7, 1972, Apollo 17 was the final mission of NASA's Apollo program. The astronauts are said to have spent a total of two weeks in space and returned to Earth on December 19, 1972.


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