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A former NASA engineer named James Oberg spent years to investigate on alleged UFO sightings in space.

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The findings made by him are pretty bizarre; he analysed stories, footage, and photographic evidence about various unexplainable sightings of UFOs.

The findings made by Oberg are going to disappoint all the UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists who believe that the space agency has been covering up evidence about the existence of UFOs and alien life.

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According to Oberg, there is no evidence of alien life existing anywhere near our planet. Conspiracy theorists have claimed numerous UFO sightings were captured in the pictures and footages taken by the International Space Station (ISS).

Oberg stated that most of the images captured by the cameras, which are claimed to show UFO footage are actually ice crystals, lens flares, space dandruff or our brain's misunderstanding of what space travel actually looks like, as reported by Express.

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"I've had enough experience with real spaceflight to realise that what's being seen in many videos is nothing beyond the 'norm' from fully mundane phenomena occurring in unearthly settings," Oberg stated.

"Most videos filmed by the ISS showing anomalies, were really just examples of 'space dandruff', objects which have come off space vehicles during flight, such as ice particles, paint chips, or fragments of insulation," he added.

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Some instances of UFO sightings are actually space junk which even poses danger to the ISS.

Space dandruff is commonly found in space and it appears to be very different on camera and we are not familiar with the appearance of the object on camera while it is falling, he elucidated.

This is the reason why so many UFO sightings can be seen in older space shuttle footage.

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"In these videos, people usually freak out because the spots seem to dance in and out of view, or suddenly appear and disappear," he said.

"Which is pretty creepy if you're sitting at your computer on Earth, but isn't that weird if you're on a space shuttle travelling 28,000 km/h (17,500 mph) - nothing's going to stay in your frame of vision very long," he added.

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The position of the space shuttle and Sun can cause a shadow on other celestial objects and make them disappear and reappear causing 'twilight shadowing'. This phenomenon led to the claims of UFOs having special technology such as lightning speed.

"It's good to keep scanning space video for possible anomalies and reporting them quickly. The reason is, there is always a real chance that it could be a genuine anomaly, either a spacecraft malfunction or other threat, expected or unexpected," he said.

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"In the past, missions have failed because a clue that should have been seen out the window was overlooked," he concluded.