Brianna Brochu
Brianna BrochuFacebook/ Black Identity Extremists

A student from the University of Hartford, named Brianna Brochu, is accused of smearing her used tampons on her former roommate's belongings.

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Brochu,18, carried out the disgusting act of dirtying the belongings of her former roommate Chennel Rowe from Jamaica.

She has been charged with felony and breach of peace. However, the prosecutors have not decided whether or not to slap her with hate crime charges.

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She has to appear in Hartford Superior Court on Tuesday, Associated Press report stated.

Police revealed that the accused had written about smearing her used tampons on the backpack of her former roommate. Brochu boasted on Instagram that she spit in Rowe's coconut oil, added mold in her lotions, kept her toothbrushes in places where there was no sunlight and rubbed bloodied tampons on her backpack for over a month and a half.

These filthy acts eventually infected Rowe and she fell sick. She suffered severe throat pain for nearly a month and she couldn't even whisper because of it.

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Chennel Rowe
Brianna's roommate, Chennel Rowe.Facebook/ Michele Evans-Brock

Rowe thought it was because of the cold climate. But she was shocked to know what really caused the infection. She felt unwanted because of Brochu

Despite being a good roommate to Brochu and sharing her stuff with her, the Jamaican student felt unwanted as the former didn't reciprocate it. This prompted Rowe to shift the room.

Just five minutes after Rowe left the room, Brochu messaged her friends on Instagram, expressing her happiness over her roommate vacating the place. She also revealed what she had been doing past one and a half month.

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While Rowe was on her way to the new room, she was approached by one of the girls whom Brochu had messaged and disclosed what her roommate had been doing to her the past few weeks.  

Brochu has been expelled from the university and she won't be getting an admission there again, Greg Woodward, the president of the university, said in a statement.

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"I am writing to provide further updates on the deeply disturbing situation involving our students. As of this morning, Brianna Brochu is no longer a student at the University of Hartford. She will not be returning to the institution," Woodward wrote.

According to a report by Republican-American newspaper, Brochu stated that she acted foolishly, but claimed that she is not a bigot. 

Check out Chennel Rowe talking about what all she had faced (starts at 1:35):

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