YouTube personality Milkuri Gangavva will be eliminated from Akkineni Nagarjuna hosted reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 in its second weekend, according to sources close to the makers of the show.

After Surya Kiran's eviction, nine contestants like Gangavva, Noel Sean, Monal Gujjar, Syed Sohel Ryan, Karate Kalyani, Amma Rajasekhar, Kumar Sai, Harika and Abhijeet were nominated for elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 4. The voting for saving contestants will end at midnight on Friday and all the viewers are curious to know who will be shown doors this weekend.

Host Akkineni Nagarjuna will announce the name of the contestant, who will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house and we have wait for his official announcement till Sunday. If we are to go by the sources, the management is planning to send Gangavva out of the house over the weekend. It will be shocking news for many viewers of the show.

Gangavva is also one of the favorite contestants both inside and outside the Bigg Boss Telugu house 4. Many viewers feel that her simplicity, energy, humorous and straight-forward nature will make her a strong contender and she might be one of the finalists if she manages to survive in the house in the coming weeks.

IBTimes India's survey results of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 elimination
IBTimes India's survey results of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 elimination

But Gangavva is apparently finding it very tough to adjust with the unique surroundings of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house. The other day, she also confessed to the Bigg Boss that she is having severe joint pains and wants to go home. Sources claim that the makers of the show are planning to send the YouTuber out this weekend. It needs to be seen whether there is any truth in this claim.

However. IBTimes India conducted a survey to know who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 4 in its second weekend. Noel Sean is the top choice to be saved from the eviction from Bigg Boss Telugu 4 with 35.14 percent of votes for his credit. Abhijeet, Monal Gujjar, Harika and Gangavva and Amma Rajasekhar will be safe. Karate Kalyani, Kumar Sai and Syed Sohel Ryan are in danger zone according to our survey.