During these tough times, which have been caused by the pandemic, if there is anything that people are looking forward to having, is some happier and entertainment for sure.

Well, Bigg Boss is one such show, which airs in languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, etc. It promises some watchable content in all these languages with all the entertainment, masala news, controversies, fun, melodrama, and a lot more.

Noel Sean
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It has been three days since Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 went on air. In the last three days, there has been nothing worth watching until now. There is hardly anything that would entertain the audiences. The first week in the house has almost come to an end and viewers want to watch Nagarjuna Akkineni only.

With very lesser-known faces and contestants who can hardly be called celebrities, the show is been running and has failed in generating any kind of entertainment. Compared to the previous seasons, this season is least entertaining. With tasks that make no sense and contestants who do not seem to be having any popularity, the show is being run.


Contestants like Lasya Manjunath, Noel Sean, Amma Rajasekhar, Karate Kalyani, and Gangavva are the only known ones known to the general audiences. There have been a lot of expectations on celebrities like Jhansi, Sunita Upadrashta, Mangli, Tharun, Shraddha Das, and other popular faces that would be part of the show. But in the end, all that the audience could get is a disappointment.

At least going forward, in the wild card entries, audiences still have some hope of seeing well-known faces.