Akkineni Nagarjuna in new promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Akkineni Nagarjuna in new promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 4Social media

10.22 pm: After Surya Kiran walks out, Kumar Sai makes wildcard entry in to the house. After talking him, Akkineni Nagarjuna sends Kumar Sai in to the house and bids good bye to the views.

10.10 pm: Surya Kiran gives positive responses to everyone by comparing them to various animals. He drops big bomb on Devi Nagavalli and she will be free from doing work for a day. Nag bids him farewell

9.55 pm: Surya Kiran appears on the stage and Nagarjuna shows his AV of his journey. Later, he connects him to the contestants inside the house. He has to describe each of their character through an animal and he does a wonderful job in it.

9.50 pm: Nagarjuna is back on stage after a break. He asks Monal on who she is safe. She names Surya Kiran. Nag announces that Surya Kiran is eliminated and Divi is safe. He asks him to come on stage after bidding good bye to everyone. Monal is very sad and could not control her tears, after he walks out of the house. Other housemates tries hard to console.

9.40 pm: After the game, Nagarjuna showed a caricature and left it to guess the name of the contestant, who is safe. Megaboob is safe. Divi and Surya Kiran are in danger zone. He asks them to stand up along with Monal, who has to give a glass of water to the person, who is eliminated. It is the time for another break.

9.30 pm: After a break, Nagarjuna is back on stage and conducts another game before announcing the next participant, who is safe from elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 4. As per this game, one has to pick a chit, see the rhyme and convey it to others by drawing a picture. It is another fun game.

9.20 pm: Dance performances end with Gangavva. Nagarjuna announces that girls have got 91 marks and boys have earned 89 points. After giving an award to the winners, he makes Akhil Sarthak safe through a song. He asks everyone to return to the living room.

9.15 pm: The contestants are giving superb dance perfomances, while other enjoy them dance jugalabndi.

9.04 pm: The host divides boys and girls in two teams. One boy and girl have to dance to song and he gives marks to their performances.

9.02 pm: Nagarjuna appears on the stage and without delay he goes on to address the contestants. He asks all the housemates to come to the garden area and gives them a fun task.

Seven contestants were nominated for the elimination from the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house in the first week. Host Akkineni Nagarjuna will evict one of them and show the doors to the participant this Sunday.

After a lot of anticipation and delay, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 went on air on September 6. A day later, Big boss kick-started nomination process on Monday. Seven contestants like Surya Kiran, Abijeet Duddala, Sujatha, Mehboob, Divi, Gangavva and Akhil Sarthak were nominated for elimination from the house.

During the week, all the housemates were asked to guess on who is the Kattappa of the house, someone who acts to be in team but backstabs during the task. All the housemates already shared their guessing. Nagarjuna, who appeared on Bigg Boss Telugu 4 on Saturday, reserved the announcement for Sunday. Star Maa tweeted this morning, "Today, let's reveal who is the Katappa of Bigg Boss house."

Akkineni Nagarjuna interacted with all the contestants Bigg Boss Telugu 4 on Saturday. He appreciated a few and gave advices to some other housemates. He schooled Abhijeet about his anger management issues and slammed Surya Kiran for his over interference into everything. At the end, the host also announced that Abhijeet, Gangavva and Sujatha are saved in the first week.

Four housemates like Surya Kiran, Mehboob, Divi and Akhil Sarthak are in danger zone. Nagarjuna will announce the name of the contestant, who will be first elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 tonight. We bring you live updates on the first eviction of this season. Stay locked to this page.