Bigg Boss
A Screenshot from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

In the initial moments of July 19 Bigg Boss Malayalam episode, Archana Suseelan and Ranjini Haridas were seen discussing their first love. Archana Suseelan revealed that she was deeply in love with a person, and even opened up about her habit of collecting tissue papers and paper cups used by her ex-boyfriend.

After some time, Shiyas complained to house captain Ranjini that his teammates are not helping him while washing utensils. Shiyas revealed that Srinish, Deepan, and Pearle Maaney are not at all co-operating with him while doing the works.

Bigg Boss soon announced the luxury task for this week. The primary aim of the task was to complete a cycling journey for one hour. There was a Kerala map placed near the cycle, and the contestants should try to lit all the bulbs by doing non-stop cycling.

Diya Sana, Sabumon Abdusamad, Ranjini Haridas, Aristo Suresh and Pearle Maaney participated in this task, and they completed it successfully. Bigg Boss soon announced that the housemates have totally earned 1625 luxury points for the week.

Later, Bigg Boss announced that the next session will be 'Nyaayavidhi' (Judgement). This time, Sabumon became the judge, and each contestant was asked to give the name of a person who bothers them a lot. Interestingly, most of the housemates suggested the names of Pearle Maaney and Shiyas.

Initially, Shiyas was asked to stand in front of the court for the hearing process. Basheer alleged that Shiyas has abused him by calling 'Kullan' (The Malayalam for Dwarf). Shiyas told the court that he did not remember calling Basheer a 'dwarf'.

Later, Pearle alleged that Shiyas is interfering in her personal activities. Pearle revealed that Shiyas had asked her to bath twice. Sabumon, the judge lashed out at Shiyas stating that he has behavioral issues.

The next accused was Pearle. Most of the contestants alleged that Pearle is a dual-faceted lady. Swetha Menon moved a step ahead and claimed that Pearle is using her childishness as a mask to hide her real self.

In the final moments of the episode, Shiyas sought advise from Sabumon. Sabumon told him that nobody has considered Shiyas a strong competitor in the house.