Bigg Boss
A screengrab from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

After elimination of Hima Shankar from the house, all the housemates returned to normalcy except Diya Sana. In the initial moments of the July 16 episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Diya Sana was seen crying loudly and saying that Hima Shankar should be brought back to the house. The social activist even said that she is ready to go out of the house so that Hima can be brought back in.

Later, the contestants celebrated Deepan's birthday. A special cake was sent to the house by Deepan's wife and everybody took part warmly in the celebration. Deepan read the greeting card from his wife and thanked her for the lovely gesture.

After sometime, Bigg Boss asked everyone to pick the nominee names for this week's elimination. The contestants were initially asked to write the names of the nominees in a paper, and after the initial poll, six people received the maximum votes. When asked to select the people who do not actively participate in tasks, the contestants named Aditi, Pearle Maaney, Srinish, Sreelakshmi, Deepan, and Shiyas.

Later, Bigg Boss called all the contestants one by one and asked them to name two housemates from this initial list. Most of the housemates voted for Srinish, and he was closely followed by Sreelakshmi, Deepan and Aditi.

Soon, Bigg Boss announced that Aditi, Sreelakshmi, Deepan and Srinish will be in the list of this week's eviction. After the list was announced, Diya Sana advised Pearle Maaney to be more active in the house so that she can stay in the safe zone during the elimination.

While in the men's bedroom, Basheer Bashi argued that either Srinish or Aditi will be evicted from the house this week.

Later, housemates conducted special cultural programs as a part of Deepan's birthday celebrations. During the show, Shiyas flaunted his body muscles with the song 'Bhaarathamennaal' from the movie 'Kalyanaraman'.

Asianet, during the final moments of the episode, showed the teaser of the July 17 episode, and it featured Shiyas and Basheer Bashi fighting against each other, which indicates that the house is going to be more violent in the coming days.